Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thad had his first birthday and we went up to Logan for his party. It was fun and Shell did a great job making a super cute cake! I forgot to take a pic….But Thaddeus Maximus is one already and it seems like he was just born! He’s such a cutie and I just love him and his mom!IMG_5020 Thad didn’t want to eat his cake so Shelley smeared it on his face but he just got mad.ThadBdayWe baby sat Wellyn and Everett on Friday then stayed and hung out for a bit with them during the opening ceremonies. Wellyn was copying the Indians in the opening ceremonies and he went and got his drum and bunny ears (kinda close to a headdress)! He was so funny and cute! IMG_5035 Wellyn wanted Everett to wear the bunny ears but Everett wasn’t too excited about it: )IMG_5036 IMG_5037 Jon and Danny were throwing Wellyn way high and he loved it! He’s not scared of anything.IMG_5041IMG_5042

IMG_5045 They were also putting Wellyn in a blanket and swinging him back and forth really high! He was giggling and loving it! He wanted Danny to try it too.IMG_5046 IMG_5043

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Shell said...

I didn't even notice this post when I look at your bathroom yesterday...that collage is so cute! We really had a lot of fun too when you guys came up. Maybe you should stop hanging out with so many kids cuz I think it's going to prevent you guys from having your own cuz you just love everyone else's!