Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get a Life!

Can I just vent for a minute? Why are people so weird and crazy?! Why are anonymous people blog-stalking me and writing weird and cryptic messages on my blog? There was a reason I was going to go private, but as I thought about it, I decided to wait awhile because I really don't want to go private just because of some weirdos that don't have a life. But I changed some settings and I guess if it happens again, then I will immediately change to private.

It just bugs me how people don't have a life or want to do anything better with their time than confuse people like me. I have a short patience fuse, but this really gets on my nerves. In all honesty, it could be a perfectly nice person who wanted to make a nice comment, but when you don't log in or make much sense, then I don't know who it is or what the devil you're doing. For the sake of my great husband, I will leave out the curse words I want to put here.

People please. For the sake of my sanity, just post comments that are appropriate, mature, and not cryptic! Oh, and GET A LIFE. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I wish I could say that I have been busy, but I really haven't! Life has been AMAZING and so relaxing! It's so awesome to have a break from school and work and just chill for awhile. I'm soaking it all in before I start my new job on the 18th. So just to update a little, first of all, because of the unnecessary (in my opinion), media-driven panic over the swine flu, our cruise line decided to cancel all stops in Mexico through June 15! So we had 3 stops planned there and they were re-routing our cruise to Canada. LAME! We would love to see Canada, but we wanted to go to the beach in Mexico and soak up the sun! This was pretty upsetting news and so we looked into paying extra to go on a Caribbean cruise, but most of them were filled up really fast and we would have had to pay a lot more. So the long story is that we decided to keep the credit for our cruise and hopefully re-book for December. It all depends on school and work, but that is the plan. Since we still had a flight to L.A., we decided to take advantage and now we're going to go to Cali for the week! Not quite as good as Mexico, but we're going to hit Disneyland, CA Adventure, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, and a few beaches. It will be great fun and we're really excited to celebrate my graduation and our 1 year anniversary (May 20)!

Dan and I both finished up school and we passed all our classes (there were a few close calls)! I can officially say that I'm a college graduate and I feel pretty much the same, but I am proud of the accomplishment. My parents and sister and Dan's parents came up for the graduation and we all went to Maddox afterwards! It was a great day and fun to spend time with our families. I'm so relieved to have school behind me and to move forward and start a new job! We're still searching for an apartment, but hopefully something will work out soon for us. Life is good and we are blessed and happy!!!