Friday, August 17, 2012

Updates around the house

Garden update: it’s out of control. Everything has done amazing except for the red onions. They grew really tall but they are tiny so that was a bummer. But just look at the madness.

013 (2)

We have harvested the following: spinach, lettuce, cilantro. parsley, basil, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, peas, green onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and maybe more…can’t remember. It’s amazing that all this came from some tiny seeds I planted a few months ago! I love it and I’ve learned a ton about what to do differently and change for next year.

019 (2)

This all came out of one quick harvest the other night. Basil, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. It’s crazy! I have made a lot of delicious and relatively healthy zucchini bread and we love it. Luckily I only planted one zucchini plant because that has been insane.

A few things for next year:

  • plant more: peas, peppers
  • trellis the peas
  • trellis the cucumber
  • probably won’t plant: carrots
  • plant 1 cherry tomato plant
  • plant less: spinach, cilantro, parsley, lettuce
  • fertilize everything, especially onions, cucumber
  • give tomatoes their own box with support
  • give zucchini its own box

014 (2)

Our backyard flower beds look awesome and I love the bright flowers. They have just exploded and gotten huge. We will still add more perennials to our backyard in the fall but I love the color we have had so far.

016 (2)015 (2)017 (2)

A few weeks ago I got the hankering to repaint our half bath on the main level. I had painted it the orange color over a year ago but it was just too much for me in that small room. And it clashed with the counters and cabinet.


So I painted it the same gray we have in our master bedroom and I also painted the cabinet white and added hardware. It looks a million times better now and it was almost free (just bought the hardware)! I may add something where the vinyl was but I’m not sure yet.

020 (2)021

I also want to get a different rug, but overall, it feels much calmer and brighter and doesn’t clash as much with the counter and floors.

022 (2)

Nursery progress! I am dying over how much I already love this room. Dan has been a beast and done a ton of work and it looks amazing so far.

027 (2)

Remember when it used to look like this? Keep in mind those are fairy stickers and one wall was sickly green. And that orange rug won’t stay there.


Now it seems so much bigger and brighter and I LOVE IT! We still have tons of work to do but I wanted to update with some progress. We still have to caulk a ton and I will paint the board and batten bright white to match the walls. Hopefully we can build a window seat too! The color looks really blue in here but it has a greenish grayish tone to it as well and is really pretty. We also painted the bathroom across from the nursery the same bluish color and it looks a lot different in there too.

025 (2)

I bought this crib on KSL ages ago because it was the one I wanted for cheap! I still love it. The top of the board and batten has a shelf so I can put artwork on it (not above the crib obviously).

026 (2)

There is a ton more to do in here and I am excited to figure out what type of rug to do, artwork, a dresser, glider, lighting, etc. Of course I have tons of ideas and plans so hopefully it all works out and looks as great as it does in my head!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celine the dream

Steph and I went on a quick last second sister trip to Vegas last weekend to see our long time love, Celine Dion. I have been obsessed with Celine since I was really small and I always had all her CDs. I adore her and finally seeing her in Vegas was a dream come true. We had a blast together and I used Priceline bidding to get a hotel and once again, it didn’t disappoint. We got a great hotel (The Westin) at an awesome price. It was perfect because it was about 2 blocks from the strip and much quieter and classier than strip hotels.


The first night when we got there, we took advice from the concierge and went to dinner at Senor Frogs inside Caesar’s Palace. It was a bit rough getting there because it was still around 100 degrees at 8:30pm at night (we didn’t think it would still be that hot!), and Caesar’s Palace was a lot further away than she said. So I was on the verge of a breakdown by the time we got there. They also managed to give away our reservations even though we were early. Nice.

003 (2)

Luckily it turned out really well and the place was a huge party. See pic above of our waitress giving people shots in a congo line next to our table. Sweet. It was half bar/half restaurant but it was all open and it was a hopping party. There were tons of people and it was super loud and crazy. They had loud music and just a lot of drunk people but it was fun. It wasn’t to the point of being gross and the people were just funny to watch. We had a blast and the food was great but that could have been because it was after 9 when we ate.

004 (2)

005 (2)

They had these funny signs that they kept moving next to people at the tables and I got high maintenance. Not even true. I look like a rock star and I blame it on working half a day then driving to Provo and on to Vegas then walking to Caesar’s Palace in the heat, then eating at 9:30pm. And being pregnant.

photo (3)

Speaking of being preg, my sis took this pic. It’s a big exaggerated with my back arched, but it’s starting to look like a real belly now instead of just looking like a chunk!


On Saturday we slept in and hit up the pool for a while. We went to a buffet at Excalibur and it was a bit disappointing but not too bad. It was cheap. And yes I’m wearing the same shirt that I wore the night before.


Saturday night was the big show and luckily Caesar’s Palace was about half a mile away and I came prepared by wearing my Chaco flip flops and carrying ice water.


My sis was excited and looked cuties too.


Celine we love you!


Celine is back. Also, a picture of Celine’s back (literally).


We had pretty bad seats but they were still bloody expensive but well worth it. Our seats were high up but the theater isn’t huge and we still could see perfectly and enjoyed every second. We may have gotten emotional multiple times throughout the show. I was so entranced that I honestly thought that as the show was ending that it was only intermission! Disappointment and I could have stayed there for hours. She was awesome and beautiful and the music was magic.


Some shots walking back to the hotel. We only got hit on a few times and Steph just kept saying “she’s pregnant”. Totally worked. We went back to the hotel and watched a movie and hit the sack. The beds were dreamy and we slept in again and hit up the pool for a while on Sunday morning before heading out. Love late check outs.


Steph is an A+ driver and as we were pulling out of the parking garage, she forgot that we were parked next to a huge cement column and rammed into it. I almost wet myself. It was hilarious and thank goodness we weren’t driving her husband’s much nicer car.


We had a blast and hopefully we can keep doing sister trips! I love my sissy.