Monday, December 8, 2008

Bear Lake

Dan and I drove up to Bear Lake on Sunday and it was really nice! The weather was pretty and the lake is gorgeous! We brought lunches and we drove all around the lake then parked by the lake and ate lunch! It was great!

Cute right?!

We were being funny.....

No this is not a cigar, it's just a pirouette from a trip to the Pepperidge Farm discount store the day before (we stocked up on snacks!).

Preston Lights

We went to Preston, ID on Friday night with Mike & Jerrica and 2 other couples to see some lights and go to dinner. We had a lot of fun and that little town is very festive! Main street had tons of lights and decorations, then we went out to this house with TONS of lights! It was crazy! The view of the house from the street!
This is the driveway up to the house.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our first precious!

We set up our Christmas decorations and it's so great! I love the holidays (who doesn't?!) and it's so exciting to share it all with Dan and have our own place to decorate and enjoy. We have a cute little tree and I've been collecting Christmas decor over the past few months! So I busted it all out and I love it! Of course I still need a few more things to finish up, but it looks great!
Here is Dan setting up the tree.
Dan was watching a Jazz game, so ignore D Will on the screen. :)

For some reason Dan thought it was really funny to wrap 66 feet of beads around his neck like a necklace. He's a nut.

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving was a great day for us. We are lucky to live close to both of our families so we were able to spend time with both of them. Dan got up and played football all morning with some of our high school friends. Apparently they needed some black stuff under their eyes in order to play! For dinner, we went to the first round at Danny's aunt and uncles beautiful house in North Salt Lake. It was gorgeous and the food was of course delicious!
There were some fun toys for the kids to play with. Sarah loved the karaoke and she sang "I never knew" over and over while Addy played on the keyboard. It was so cute!
They also had this weird/cool horse that was freakily lifelike! It moved its head and tail and it's mouth moved when you gave it food. The kids were scard at first then they couldn't get enough of it! They were climbing on it and feeding it and I loved watching them.
After we left Curt and Julie's house, we went to our close family friends' house, the Thomases. They are basically family and since we don't have family around here, we always do the holidays with them. Here are the guys snoozing with football on. How typical :)

Here I am with my cute sister and Courtney. Steph was able to come home for Thanksgiving this year (last year she was gone with basketball) so I loved seeing her!

It was a great holiday and a nice break from work and school. I ventured out for some shopping on Friday (not until about 10am though) and it wasn't too bad at all. I got some great deals and just finished most of my shopping! We are so blessed and thankful for many things. Lately I've been trying to stop and look around and I realize just how many blessings I have. It's amazing and I'm so grateful for my family, friends, school, job, and of course my husband!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well my birthday was on Halloween (fun birthday right?). It was a great day and a great weekend actually. I found yet another reason to love being married: more gifts! I get presents from Dan and his parents and I still get presents from my parents! It's awesome! But it really was a great weekend. We went down to West Jordan and we went trick or treating with Dan's little nieces. They are the cutest things and it's just so fun being around kids because they have such a happy spirit and get so excited about things! I love it! And plus their neighborhood was amazing for candy and every house gave out big candy bars, donuts, and gogurts! They even gave us some! Every year my dad has given us roses for our brithday. It's a great tradition.
My presents from my parents! I got a kitchen aid mixer (woo hoo!), a robe, slippers, some clothes, a bra baby (best invention ever-it's a contraption that lets you wash your bras without getting them all lumpy or tangled!), scentsy, and some cute Christmas decorations! I'm so lucky!

Dan surprised me and had 24 gorgeous roses waiting for me on my desk when I got up to work in the morning. How sweet. I love him.

Here I am with some of Dan's presents. He did a great job especially considering that I can be somewhat difficult to shop for! He bought me some Tommy Girl perfume, Bourne Ultimatum (love it!), Biolage shampoo and a year subscription to US Weekly! I love semi-trashy magazines and I always read them in line at Wal-Mart. So now I have my own subscription!

This video is so funny I had to post it. My parent's puppy is pretty crazy and hyper (Dan can't stand him), and I was studying and he went crazy and destroyed all the newspaper! He is such a crazy dog, but hopefully he will calm down soon and the puppy training classes my mom takes him to will start to sink in!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October fun

Well I don't post a whole lot anymore for two reasons: 1. I am really busy 2. We don't do anything cool. Haha, we still do fun stuff, but not like we did all summer, so there isn't a whole lot to say. But we are both super busy with work and school. The semester is almost over, I can't believe it! Then only one more semester and I'll be graduated! Woo hoo! Here are a few pics of what we've been doing the past few weeks. We also went to Park City over fall break 2 weekends ago, but sadly, I didn't take any pics! I don't know why I didn't, but we had a great time. We went shopping at the outlets and got clothes, went to dinner, and just chilled for a few days. It was great.
Pumpkin carving adventures. We carved a cute little pumpkin for family home evening. This is my favorite picture. Danny thinks it's funny to randomly do weird things with his hair, like part it on the side, or brush out his curls. He comes out looking something like this, and I think it's hilarious! He is so funny and this picture sums it all up.

We went to Odyssey Dance's production of Thriller up here at USU with some friends. I have gone for years and I love it. It was a blast and put us in the Halloween mood!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures from a 6 year old

So Dan's little niece, Katelyn learned how to use my camera when we were at his parent's house for his birthday. For some reason, I didn't really care that she took it all over the house and yard taking pictures. I wasn't too worried about it! Anyway, she took a bajillion pictures, but they were so cute and funny! I wanted to post some of the pics she took. She managed to get everyone to smile really cute, genuine smiles! I love it! This is definitely my favorite. She placed me and told me exactly what to do for this shot.


Mike, Jerrica, and baby. :)