Monday, December 8, 2008

Bear Lake

Dan and I drove up to Bear Lake on Sunday and it was really nice! The weather was pretty and the lake is gorgeous! We brought lunches and we drove all around the lake then parked by the lake and ate lunch! It was great!

Cute right?!

We were being funny.....

No this is not a cigar, it's just a pirouette from a trip to the Pepperidge Farm discount store the day before (we stocked up on snacks!).

Preston Lights

We went to Preston, ID on Friday night with Mike & Jerrica and 2 other couples to see some lights and go to dinner. We had a lot of fun and that little town is very festive! Main street had tons of lights and decorations, then we went out to this house with TONS of lights! It was crazy! The view of the house from the street!
This is the driveway up to the house.