Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

The fourth of July was a blast, as usual. I had the 3rd off so we went boating! Dan's dad took us with his brother and his family. I had tons of fun with the cute kids and we all had fun on the tube. We didn't even get out the wakeboard or skis because the tube was so fun! We got a lot of fun and the weather was perfect and there was hardly anyone there! The 4th was great, and we had breakfast in the canyon, then went swimming in the afternoon, and had a bbq with my family and then did fireworks with Dan's family! It was busy but great. Our sweet supply of fireworks. I tried everything to make this picture not sideways! Stupid blogger....

Sarah and Addy loved trying on my glasses. I think I have a picture just like this when I was little!

Me and Sar Bear watching the fireworks. She's almost 3 and she weighs only 6 pounds more than her 7 month old brother!
Just a small part of the crew watching the firework show.

Some of the rest of the family. Notice Addy covering her ears on Grandma's lap!

Dan helping the girls with the pop-its. And Emily is of course posing. I had to wait to get the picture until she had the perfect pose. By then, the other two girls had moved on!
Dan at the breakfast cookout.
Me and Ryan watching fireworks.
The girls throwing their pop-its.
I know it seems like these are my kids because I take so many pictures of them. But I just love them!
Breakfast cookout in the canyon.
Katelyn and I enjoying the boat. The girls loved it!
Sarah and I chillin on the boat.
Relaxing and soaking up the sun! Even though I did get a little burned, it was worth it....

Dan and Katelyn on the boat.

Summer fun

We have had such a great summer so far. Even though it took awhile to finally warm up and stop raining, it has been fun! My job is going great and I love it! I'm so blessed to have a cool job that I like to do! Last week we drove down to Bountiful for Danny's grandpa's birthday party at his aunt's house. It was really fun to see everyone and we had a delicious dinner! Gathering around the food of course!

Great-grandma and new baby Mia! So cute!

Of course the little girls found the dress ups and tiny little Sarah was little red riding hood. We loved it!

Grandma with Mia. I love this picture because you can just see how much he loves her!

This is Grandpa's awesome hot dog cake made by the amazing Julie! The hot dog part of it is all fondant! She is incredible!

All the boys chillin and flexing.

Me and cute baby Ryan!

We went to a Real Salt Lake game with Dustin and Kaley and we had a ton of fun. We were right in the sun until the very end so we just cooked, but we still loved it! Real won by a lot and it's always fun to go with Dustin because he screams a lot. :)