Wednesday, May 13, 2009

California Dreamin'

I just wanted to update with a quick post from California. We have been here since Sunday morning and we are having the best time! We have met up with our good friends Dustin and Kaley Waite who have been here on their honeymoon! Don't worry, they called us! And we're really glad they did because we've had a blast with them. We went to Newport Beach for awhile on Sunday when we got here, then Monday we were at Disneyland all day. Yesterday we drove to Venice Beach and laid out, played in the ocean and walked around the beach shops. We also saw muscle beach and it was really funny. Venice was really fun and interesting. In just a few short hours, we saw 2 topless women, a toothless guy working out at Muscle Beach in only a tiny American flag speedo, a girl getting "professional" photographs taken on the beach, some CRAZY people selling some interesting things (including marajuana) and a few other things I won't mention. Anyway, it was very entertaining and very fun. Today we went to California Adventure for most of the day and then Dan and I met up with my aunt, uncle, my cousin and his wife and their little boy. It was really fun to see them and we went on some rides then had dinner with them.

It has been such a fun trip and we're still not done! We keep saying that if we left now, we would be happy. But I'm so excited to go to Seaworld and San Diego Zoo. We are probably going to another beach tomorow and maybe to downtown L.A. or something. Then we'll spend Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday in San Deigo. We'll come home late Sunday night and I'll start my new job on Monday morning! Exciting!

Oh ya and we saw Stevie Wonder today as we were leaving Disneyland! It was great! Danny had seen him earlier when we were on a ride and he went to the bathroom, but he forgot his name, and then we saw him again when we were on the train at Disneyland! Pretty sweet!

Things are going great here, and the weather has been AWESOME! It's sunny every day and we have soaked up some good rays. It's not too hot, but it's very warm and we're loving it! It's probably still snowing in Logan haha! Anyway, I'll update again later with all our great pictures!