Friday, August 1, 2008


So somehow I came across this funny article on about crocs. I apologize if I offend anyone (I really don't mean to). I'm definitely not a fashion queen by any means, but luckily I never got into the crocs revolution. This article is pretty funny and in it there are some other pretty funny sites where people rant and rave about crocs:

I think it's hilarious how big of an effect these silly shoes have on people. And also extremely interesting how something so seemingly unfashionable and unattractive could become so popular. Anyway, here is a funny "dorcs" commercial that made me laugh.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Dan and I went up to Island Park, Idaho this week with his family. We camped near Yellowstone and we had a ton of fun. The whole family was there (at different times) and we had a blast. This is everyone at the ice cream place. Our family took up the whole bar. :)
Katelyn and Alex eating watermelon.
This isn't a great picture, but it's a panoramic shot of everyone sitting around. There were a lot of us.

Some of the cute kids sitting on the hammock. Jeremy, Brigham, Alex, Katelyn and Emily.
Don't know why we're doing this...cute though right?
Dan and I went canoeing on the river. It was really beautiful and fun even though we didn't really see much wildlife.
This is one of our 4 tables at the pizza place where we had lunch. Yum!
Here I am reading to the kids in one of the souvenir shops. We found this great kids book called "Who pooped in the park?" It was so funny and talked about a family vacation to Yellowstone. They're so cute!

Some pictures at the hot springs in Yellowstone. There was a bear wandering around right before we showed up so we followed the Park Ranger around for awhile hoping to see the bear, but no luck. Bummer.

The boys chillin on the grass when we stopped for lunch.

Cute pics of me and Dan.

Rob, Cynthia and Sam starting to canoe down the river.
Me and Addie with our sweet shades. She wasn't as excited about it as I was.
It seemed like we were always either holding the hand of one of the kids or holding one of the kids! I loved it.
Sam had some sort of reaction to a mosquito bite near her eye and it swelled up really bad.

Here is our cute little tent that we got for our wedding. It was great.

Dan was playing with Wellyn on the hammock and it was so cute to watch Wellyn squeal every time Dan tickled him.