Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures from a 6 year old

So Dan's little niece, Katelyn learned how to use my camera when we were at his parent's house for his birthday. For some reason, I didn't really care that she took it all over the house and yard taking pictures. I wasn't too worried about it! Anyway, she took a bajillion pictures, but they were so cute and funny! I wanted to post some of the pics she took. She managed to get everyone to smile really cute, genuine smiles! I love it! This is definitely my favorite. She placed me and told me exactly what to do for this shot.


Mike, Jerrica, and baby. :)

Birthday time!

October is birthday month for us! Dan is almost a month older than me and his birthday is on the 5th and mine is the 31st! I love birthdays! We celebrated Dan's with our families. Here are some pics.Eating yummy birthday cake made by Debbie (I don't make cake, but I did make cookies! :))

Presents! Being married is great! He got presents from my family, from me, and from his family!

Of course all he wanted and mostly all he got was camping/climbing stuff! But he was happy!

It was also Dan's niece's Sarah's birthday. We got her a purple dress and bracelets and Julie got her a purple purse and necklace! It was so cute when she put it all on!
Debbie and Marty got her a cute little doll and she loved it!