Friday, March 25, 2016



Owen reallllly loves Leah. Maybe a little too much, but I’m just glad he has yet to get mad at her or try to hurt her (on purpose). He loves helping me give her a bath and reading stories to her. It’s adorable.


Steph gave us this cute onesie from her work. Also, I bought that hat for Owen and it never fit his huge head, and it still fit Leah at 2 months hehe.


I sure love these kiddos. I love how snuggly and cuddly Leah is! And we met Steph for lunch one day at Café Rio! It made me excited for her to someday have kiddos and not work so we can do it more often!IMG_6443IMG_6374

Leah loves sleeping on her tummy! It’s the cutest thing and I let her nap that way a lot now, but we discovered it because I put her on the floor (above) during Owen’s bath, and she fell asleep and stayed that way for 2 HOURS! We were walking all around her and she kept sleeping. Love it.


Leah loves the wrap and being cuddled up, but she is pretty needy and wants to be held a ton, which is hard for me. So sometimes I have to wrap her up to get things done around here!IMG_6540IMG_6530

That is a mouse next to my snow boot. It was inside my boot, and I put my foot, and then my hand in it! I almost died when I realized it was a dead mouse. So gross and traumatizing.IMG_6531

Dan loves Leah cuddles too. And Joe! I love how much Joe loves babies!


Dan got a chainsaw for his birthday and used it to help his parents cut down their apple tree. He kind of loved it.IMG_6432

Cutest superhero cousins! Owen is so so lucky to have so may awesome cousins around his age.IMG_6416

These were some of the first real smiles and laughs I got from Leah, and I love how big she looks!


Grandma came over and Owen really just wanted her to read to him while he laid on her lap.


We got a new stroller. I wanted a double, but couldn’t decide what kind to get that wasn’t huge, so we ended up with this sit and stand and I think it will work well for us, especially by Spring when Leah is big enough to sit in it without her car seat.IMG_6367IMG_6369

Silly kid was so excited when we got a millimeter of snow and he wanted to go play in it!