Thursday, January 1, 2009

Progressive Dinner

We had a progressive dinner a few weeks ago so that everyone could see each others' houses for Christmas. Ours was too far away, so it wasn't included :(. But we had tons of fun. We started at Jon and Julie's for appetizers, then Dave and Amanda's for dinner, then to Ben and Becky's for dessert. I only took pics at Dave and Amanda's, but we had a ton of fun!

Grandpa and Addy.
The cute girlies sitting around the table. Addy was rockin the off the shoulder look. :)

New baby Ryan!

We had another new addition to our family on December 20. Dave and Amanda had Ryan David Hill! They finally got a boy after 3 little girls! Dave is pretty happy about it, and the girls are excited to have al ittle brother. Dan and I are a little worried he may get dressed up in girls clothes and forced to wear make up or something by his older sisters. But he's so precious and tiny. We saw him the day after he was born and I loved it! Babies are so wonderful.
Note Dan's scruffy mountain man look. He didn't shave for a few weeks just to see how the beard came in. I didn't mind it, but I definitely like a clean face much better!


I haven't posted forever because things have just been really busy! Finals week was a killer for us, but we got through it and now I only have one more semester until I graduate! woo hoo! I can't wait. Anway, here are some random pics of the last few weeks. My sister Steph came and played USU in Logan. My parents also drove up and they all spent the night at our apartment. It was a blast!

Here we all are at the game.
My grandma gave us a gift certificate for our birthdays and we finally used it. Dan splurged and got ribs and he was a mess.