Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My husband is so funny and cute. For Valentines, while I was in the shower at my parent's house, he put all these treats and a card on the bed. I'm kind of obsessed with cherry hearts and they only sell them around Valentine's Day, so he got me enough to last awhile! This card is so hilarious. I laughed really hard and my parents loved it.
Dan also got me some beautiful red tulips but I didn't take a picture of those. He's the greatest husband in the world and my best friend! I'm so lucky to have him and he makes me so happy! I can't imagine my life without him. Mwah!

Baby Thad!

So my best friend Shelley had her baby! Thad was born on February 11 at 4:48pm. He's a doll and it's so weird for me to see Shelley with a baby! We have known each other forever and she is like my sister. I seriously feel like an aunt!!Me, Bre, Shell and Thad. Teresa (Bre's mom), Bre and I with the babe.

Random Stuff

I know I haven't posted forever, but no one reads this thing anyway :). Life is crazy busy but we are halfway through the semester! Woo hoo! Here are few random things from the past few weeks: This is a quail or woodpecker or some strange bird that was sleeping in my sister-in-laws porch. It was so weird and when we walked by it, it started flying and going crazy. It was stuck in their little porch area for about 5 minutes just flapping around. Then it finally figured out how to fly out and it flew into the night. Weird.

Has anyone ever heard of Carhartt brand? For some reason, my husband became obsessed with Cal-Ranch stores and he really wanted some of these pants. Kind of sick if you ask me. I'm not sure why he likes them so much, but he said he would never want anything ever again, so I gave in. They are pretty nasty, but he loves them. I just hope he doesn't wear them in public. People like this usually wear Carhartts. My husband loves it. The weird thing is he's not a cowboy or country boy at all! But I guess that's what living in Cache Valley does for you....Here he is demonstrating his beloved Carhartts.

And finally, Dan decided to have a banana split for dinner. Perfect.