Thursday, December 30, 2010

Numero dos


Here is the second installment of pics from the trip! Enjoy! In Belize, we went cave tubing and this was definitely our favorite part of the trip. We booked the trip with an independent company and we were so glad we did!


Our guide was so awesome and told us all about the Mayan and Belizean culture, and then we got to hike through the rainforest to the underground rivers. He told us all about different kinds of plants and animals.


We came across a termite’s nest and we ate some fresh termites! Weirdly though, they were way small (not cruchy or anything) and they tasted like a squirt of mouthwash! I’m not joking, they were way minty and not gross at all. So try termites if you ever get the chance…


Most of our pics from cave tubing are on an underwater camera getting developed right now, but it was amazing! The water was so warm and we floated on tubes through some huge underwater caves.


Another towel animal…what is it?


We went to the formal night twice and it was fun to get dressed up, but we both definitely prefer the casual look most of the time!


Our last stop was at Cozumel, Mexico. Since we didn’t get to go to Grand Cayman, we got a lot of extra time in Cozumel. We booked an excursion to the Mayan ruins of Tulum.


We had to take a ferry across to Playa Del Carmen (beautiful!), then take a bus to the ruins. It was a bit of a trip, but we’re glad we went! And since we had extra time, we were still able to shop and eat dinner in Cozumel that night.



The beautiful beaches at Playa Del Carmen! We are planning a trip back there for sure!


This is at the entrance to the ruins. The Mayan people were extremely short, so all the entrances were way small!


The views were absolutely amazing! The only place I’ve seen that is comparable to this is Cinque Terre, Italy. It was awesome.


The water was so perfectly turquoise blue and I couldn’t believe it! The ruins were on a cliff/hill overlooking the ocean.


It was really warm and super humid and we were there in mid December! I guess it gets up to 120 in the summer and it’s always way way hot so we were lucky that it was in the 80s! But we were still hot and we were able to take a dip in the ocean and we loved it!


Part 3 to come soon….

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here we go

I’m just going to post a billion pictures of our trip because I want to. I’m going to split it into a few different posts as well, but here we go…


JetBlue has small TVs on the back of every seat and if you know Dan, he LOVES tv so he was so so happy. I loved watching HGTV as well.


This is when we finally got to our ship in Tampa. It was warm but rainy the day we left. Luckily it cleared up!


We went to karaoke and loved watching people live out their fantasies on the stage. It was seriously hilarious.

Below Dan started his gorge-fest. Gross.


We had to get a soda card and I loved having unlimited Diet Coke! But it tasted a little different and I just couldn’t figure out why!


The first of our cute towel animals from our steward.


Dan absolutely loved going on our balcony and watching the ocean. He was transfixed by it.


Because it was so windy the first two days, our stop in Grand Cayman got cancelled (so sad!). The ship was also rocking a lot and tons of people (including us) got sick. Yucka. So we just layed out for awhile and caught some rays.



Our next stop (our first stop because the first was cancelled) was Roatan, Honduras. It was gorgeous and amazing!


We had breakfast brought to our room almost every morning and we ate on the balcony!


We decided to have a beach day here so we just went to the beach close to the port and it was so pretty! We rented snorkel gear and enjoyed lots of sunshine.


The water was so warm and so blue! I was just floating on my stomach with my face in the water and breathing through the snorkel. It was weirdly relaxing and I loved it.



We had a quick lunch right by the beach and their Diet Coke was Coca Cola light. It was yummy and Dan was obsessed with the Coke because it tasted a little different.

DSC00359 DSC00318

Enjoying my book on the beach.



We had a blast in Roatan! More pics of the rest of the trip to come soon….