Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Union Pacific

We went to eat with Jon and Julie (Dan’s sister) and their two boys last weekend in downtown Ogden. There is a lot going on down there and after dinner we walked down the street to check out the Union Pacific station. Wellyn was in love (and so was Danny!). It was really cool to see the huge trains and run around and climb on them. Perfect for a 3 (or 23) year old little boy.

Copy of IMG_5306IMG_5298     Wellyn and Jon climbing up the train!IMG_5303 Wellyn and I checking things out. I was scared he was going to jump off the top! He has no fear.IMG_5300 IMG_5318                                         Posing as the conductor….IMG_5316 IMG_5332 IMG_5315 IMG_5314 IMG_5304 IMG_5312 IMG_5302 IMG_5309 Copy of IMG_5327

Monday, April 12, 2010


I made these sweet treats this weekend and they were heavenly.exps37996_TH1115463D31C            It made a ton and luckily we had family over on Sunday to help finish them off! If you like peanut butter and chocolate, please make these immediately. You won’t regret it.

Until you step on the scale.   PBBars

The yard before…

I need to post some before pictures of our yard because we’re doing a lot of work on it and we’re really excited about how it’s hopefully going to turn out! Right now it’s a pretty big mess and these pictures were taken after Dan had already hacked through the 3 feet tall weeds that were all over.                                IMG_5276IMG_5274                                        This is the east side of our house and they didn’t ever plant grass in most of it so Dan killed the grass and weeds and dug it all up and we’re going to put down sod there and maybe eventually put in a cement pad.IMG_5279 IMG_5280                 I have big plans for the front porch, door and flower beds. I am going to paint the front door and build a bench for the porch. We’re getting a double rocker and I’ll put some flower pots on the porch as well. I want hanging baskets on either side of the porch steps and we’ll put in a flower bed on the right side of the porch and around the side of the house.                        IMG_5288 Backyard view (that’s our neighbor’s swing set in the picture). The back was a forest and we are going to tear out a lot of the sod/weeds and replace it with fresh sod. We’ll have to see bare patches and get rid of the weeds! Ahhhh!IMG_5292           The dreaded pit. We didn’t know this was here until we bought the house! It was filled with weeds, trees (a Christmas tree), mice and a mole! But Dan cleared it out and we have plans to turn it into a fire pit area and I can’t wait!               IMG_5290              The back door. I need to stain the steps and pain the back door and trim. We’re going to tear out most of the weeds/grass in this picture and put flower beds (except for right in front of the cement area which will be sod). Lots of work!   Front-Yard-Landscaping-796451  Hopefully our yard will be beautiful like these at some point! I love the bright colors, hanging baskets and little bushes. Too bad I have to work all day or I would become obsessive about the yard! I can’t wait to get it all done!front-yard-hanging-baskets Garden072            Here is some general ideas of our fire pit area. We’re going to do gravel/stone for the floor then build a small retaining wall around the fire pit area with room for benches and chairs. Then we’ll build the stone fire pit in the center.Brick-Fire-Pit backyard022


The laundry room looks awesome and I LOVE the color (Behr Smokey Blue). I still need to do the trim and finish everything else then I’ll post pictures. We had friends over Saturday and family over Sunday so I didn’t get a lot done. I decided to put bead board wallpaper on the front of the cabinets and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also found some really cool bamboo/grasscloth shades at Lowes I want to use in there. They were regularly $56 and I got them for $7! Holy schnikies I love it!

Macey’s is having their case lot sale through April 27 and they have a lot of really good deals. I bought a bunch of food and some food storage buckets, gamma lids, and 5 gallon water buckets. I need more shelves for my expanding food storage!