Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zion National Park

Dan and I went down to Zion National Park this weekend just to get away and have a good time. We had a lot of fun, but holy crap was it HOT! We were there all day Friday and Saturday and we came back Sunday. Friday we hiked Angels Landing and we found out that it was 113 degrees that day! The hottest it has ever been in the park was 115 so it was almost a record. But honestly, I have never been hotter in my life. We hiked straight up Angel's Landing for 3 hours in the middle of the day and it was shockingly hot. We just baked all weekend, but it was still fun and we probably won't do that in the summer again :). But it was still nice to get away and enjoy the outdoors and spend some time together. We hiked the narrows and that was much cooler than Angel's Landing, and really beautiful!
Of course we had to get ice cream after our hikes!
Riding the shuttle bus back to camp after a long day.
Dan got in and swam in the narrows while we were hiking and I just enjoyed the cool water!

Hiking in the narrows.

Dan did a great job of cooking us good food. We had eggs and bacon for breakfast!
Bacon smile.
My knees were pretty beat up after hiking up and down Angel's Landing, so I had to ice them!
Dan making some delicious s'mores for us. We had to wait until late to cook dinner because it was so hot! It was even really hot at night, so there wasn't much relief! But we did get in the river after our hikes and it was AWESOME! The river felt amazing and it was the perfect way to cool down after a 113 degree hike!

Chillin' at our camp with my diet coke :)

On top of the world...almost! At the top of Angel's Landing!

Amazing views!

Having a nice snack before finishing the the tough climb to the top.
Showing our big muscles after making it to the top!

Boating with the fam

We werer able to go boating again with Dan's family last week and it was really fun. Mark & Carrie were visiting from Idaho so it was a blast to go with their fun and cute kids. The day was a little overcast and chilly for July, but we still had a blast! Dan on the wakeboard.
Me and Brigham just chillin' on the boat.
Dan, Joe, and Mark getting ready to ride on the tube together!
The kids were fearless about jumping in the water, but then they got scared as soon as they jumped in! It was so funny. Then they shivered and were so cold so we wrapped them in a bunch of towels and blankets!