Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October fun

Well I don't post a whole lot anymore for two reasons: 1. I am really busy 2. We don't do anything cool. Haha, we still do fun stuff, but not like we did all summer, so there isn't a whole lot to say. But we are both super busy with work and school. The semester is almost over, I can't believe it! Then only one more semester and I'll be graduated! Woo hoo! Here are a few pics of what we've been doing the past few weeks. We also went to Park City over fall break 2 weekends ago, but sadly, I didn't take any pics! I don't know why I didn't, but we had a great time. We went shopping at the outlets and got clothes, went to dinner, and just chilled for a few days. It was great.
Pumpkin carving adventures. We carved a cute little pumpkin for family home evening. This is my favorite picture. Danny thinks it's funny to randomly do weird things with his hair, like part it on the side, or brush out his curls. He comes out looking something like this, and I think it's hilarious! He is so funny and this picture sums it all up.

We went to Odyssey Dance's production of Thriller up here at USU with some friends. I have gone for years and I love it. It was a blast and put us in the Halloween mood!