Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quilt help


So I would really REALLY love a beautiful quilt for the babe but there is no part of me that knows how to sew (or ever wants to learn). Maybe some day I will want to learn, but for now, I just don’t have the desire at all.

2I still really want a quilt so I wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions of people who make quilts that I could pay for their time. I just want to get an idea of a price to see if it’s reasonable to do. Here are a few pictures that I found online that I like. I’m really not super picky about a complicated design, I just want to pick the fabric and I don’t want it tied. I really love the quilted look.


If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions about the best way to go about this, please let me know! I did ask at the fabric/quilt shop in Ogden (has the cutest fabric ever) about this and they gave me a very general idea of a quote so I do have something to go off of but I wanted to ask about it here too!