Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thad had his first birthday and we went up to Logan for his party. It was fun and Shell did a great job making a super cute cake! I forgot to take a pic….But Thaddeus Maximus is one already and it seems like he was just born! He’s such a cutie and I just love him and his mom!IMG_5020 Thad didn’t want to eat his cake so Shelley smeared it on his face but he just got mad.ThadBdayWe baby sat Wellyn and Everett on Friday then stayed and hung out for a bit with them during the opening ceremonies. Wellyn was copying the Indians in the opening ceremonies and he went and got his drum and bunny ears (kinda close to a headdress)! He was so funny and cute! IMG_5035 Wellyn wanted Everett to wear the bunny ears but Everett wasn’t too excited about it: )IMG_5036 IMG_5037 Jon and Danny were throwing Wellyn way high and he loved it! He’s not scared of anything.IMG_5041IMG_5042

IMG_5045 They were also putting Wellyn in a blanket and swinging him back and forth really high! He was giggling and loving it! He wanted Danny to try it too.IMG_5046 IMG_5043


What have we been doing lately?

Running non stop with this kid:IMG_5019 And cuddling with this kid: IMG_5017 And celebrating the birthday of this kid: IMG_5030 And loving this chubby kid:IMG_5070 Making cookies with these kids: IMG_5071 IMG_5072 And enjoying the music played by this kid:IMG_5032 We have been so lucky to spend a lot of time with friends and family this week! It has involved a lot of darling kids and we couldn’t love it more! These sweet kids make us so happy and we love playing with them! (Their parents are pretty cool too…)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Busy

This week has been pretty dang busy for us, but it has been a lot of fun. We have had stuff going on almost every night and we have gotten to see a lot of cute kiddies which we love!

Sunday we went to West Jordan for the monthly family dinner at Dan’s parents house. It was a party as usual and we haven’t seen people for awhile so it was fun. We also watched the super bowl and pigged out!

Monday we had Julie, Wellyn and new baby Everett over for dinner and hanging out since Jon was in Chicago for business. We had a lot of fun and Dan and Wellyn love playing together! That kid is crazy and they are funny together. I love holding the sweet baby and I didn’t want to give him back to Julie!

Tuesday we had a break and just chilled! Woo hoo!

Wednesday we drove to West Jordan to see Dan’s cousin who just got home from his mission. The whole family was over for yummy dinner and once again I held Everett most of the time and had fun playing with my cute nieces and nephews.

Thursday we drove to Logan for Thad’s first birthday. It was fun to see our friends and their cute kids and the party was fun.

Friday we’re babysitting for Jon and Julie while they go to a neighborhood party. We love Wellyn and Everett!

Saturday Dan has to work but I’m going to baby site Addy (4) and Mia (9 months) for Ben and Becky while they see family in Layton. I love this sweet girls and can’t wait to talk princesses and fairies with Addy and check out her new gymnastics tricks. She loves the sick fairy room we have in our house that we haven’t painted yet from the previous owners. :) It should be a fun day!

Sunday we’re going to West Jordan again for Dan’s cousin’s homecoming!

Sheesh! It has been (and will be) quite a week but it has also been fun! We are still training for the Wasatch Back race and we have found time to still run this week, but Dan has a deep bruise on his heel that has been bothering him a lot. It has been good for us to train and I have enjoyed having a goal to work towards and it’s exciting to see my progress each week!

I wa nted to share a quick thought about something I have been trying to focus on the past few weeks that has made a big difference in my life. I have been really aware of how blessed I am to have such a great life and so many wonderful blessings. This is made even more clear to me when I watch the news and see so many people in the world who struggle. We are healthy, happy and have wonderful family and friends around us. We’re working and going to school and are so blessed to have these things in our lives. I have really been aware of that the past few weeks and I’ve been trying to be more aware of all that I have instead of focusing on the things that I don’t have or things that I want. slowdown

I think this change of attitude has made a huge difference in my life and hopefully made me think of others more and be less selfish. Even with little things like getting frustrated at someone while driving (which I do a lot), I have tried to think about the other person in the car and wonder what their lives are like and I’m reminded not to be angry or impatient, but just relax and enjoy life. That is something I want to try to do better and I hope that whoever reads this tries to do the same in your lives as well because it will help make you a happier and more grateful person.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thaddy’s bday!

My best friend Shelley’s little guy is turning 1 and I can’t believe it! Shell is basically my 2nd sister and Thad is my nephew :) I love him and I can’t even believe it has been a whole year! Wow. ThadLogan1

Anyway, Shelley asked me to make a birthday invite for him so we found one she liked online and I just re-created it for her! It turned out really cute and his darling face definitely helps! I blurred out the address so the creepies don’t find Heidi and Jason’s house :).

This is the invite we found online:


It’s pretty close to what I came up with right? Shelley wanted a number 1 instead of a cupcake so I did that instead. Shell & Brian are moving to Connecticut for a year this summer for Brian’s accounting internship and I’m really sad but really excited for them! I will have to come visit for sure and I know we’ll stay close!

Shell and I have stayed friends while….

1. she was in high school, and I was in jr. high
2. s
he was in Cedar City, and I was in West Jordan
3. we were roommates at USU (that says a lot)
4. I lived in the Netherlands
5. she lived in Russia
6. we both lived in Logan
7. I lived in Logan and she lived in West Jordan
8. and now while she lives in Logan and I live in West Point!

Whew! So I’m not too worried about adding another location to that list :) And plus I’m really happy for them! I have a lot of great pictures of this girl that I could embarrass her with, but I’ll be nice and just use this one of her at SUU! HahahaP1000858_edited I love you Shell!

I promise I will put up pics of our half bath so so soon! It has taken so much longer than I expected and I don’t want to put up pics of it halfway done! But I’m getting the last piece of the decor tonight then I will post the pics! But we really love it!