Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thaddy’s bday!

My best friend Shelley’s little guy is turning 1 and I can’t believe it! Shell is basically my 2nd sister and Thad is my nephew :) I love him and I can’t even believe it has been a whole year! Wow. ThadLogan1

Anyway, Shelley asked me to make a birthday invite for him so we found one she liked online and I just re-created it for her! It turned out really cute and his darling face definitely helps! I blurred out the address so the creepies don’t find Heidi and Jason’s house :).

This is the invite we found online:


It’s pretty close to what I came up with right? Shelley wanted a number 1 instead of a cupcake so I did that instead. Shell & Brian are moving to Connecticut for a year this summer for Brian’s accounting internship and I’m really sad but really excited for them! I will have to come visit for sure and I know we’ll stay close!

Shell and I have stayed friends while….

1. she was in high school, and I was in jr. high
2. s
he was in Cedar City, and I was in West Jordan
3. we were roommates at USU (that says a lot)
4. I lived in the Netherlands
5. she lived in Russia
6. we both lived in Logan
7. I lived in Logan and she lived in West Jordan
8. and now while she lives in Logan and I live in West Point!

Whew! So I’m not too worried about adding another location to that list :) And plus I’m really happy for them! I have a lot of great pictures of this girl that I could embarrass her with, but I’ll be nice and just use this one of her at SUU! HahahaP1000858_edited I love you Shell!

I promise I will put up pics of our half bath so so soon! It has taken so much longer than I expected and I don’t want to put up pics of it halfway done! But I’m getting the last piece of the decor tonight then I will post the pics! But we really love it!


Shell said...

You are so Sweet! We really have stayed friends through a lot, huh!? I love it and I love you too. Thanks so much for doing Thaddies invite, it really turned out just perfect! Thanks for everything you do and being such a great friend.

Haley Hill said...

What the....what the devil is all that asian writing??

rbhenrie said...

I love the pic of robot Shell at SUU. I also loved Thad's invitation. Great job Hay!