Thursday, December 18, 2014


   We didn’t do anything super exciting in November, but the weather was still amazing so we had fun enjoying it. Owen loved Dan’s cowboy hat and wore it all morning one day while he played with his tractors and trucks. He is the cutest.IMG_4337 My Grandma Phyllis has been living with my mom for a few years and she recently moved to Idaho to be with her daughter (my dad’s half sister). It was sad to see her go and we have really gotten to know her well over the years since we didn’t see her a lot growing up. Owen really loved her and still goes into her old room to look for her.IMG_4339 I started working part time in November and it has been awesome! I generally take off Wednesdays and Fridays and it has been so nice to have those days off completely and not even turn on my computer! On one of my first days off we rode on TRAX down to the Children’s Museum at Gateway. Owen was really nervous at first, but after a few minutes, he loved the train.



We met my friend Nicole and her little boy Jack. The kids were so busy that we didn’t get to talk much and didn’t even take a picture! But it was still fun and Owen was in heaven with all the fun things they have there. It is a little pricey, but a fun thing to do once in a while.

IMG_4362 IMG_4363 We went to the zoo one day as a family and it was beautiful weather and Owen appreciated the animals a lot more than last year when we went. He still was more interested in running around and playing, but he still liked to check out some of the animals.

IMG_4366IMG_4370IMG_4386IMG_4376 IMG_4379 IMG_4381

We got a new Christmas tree! We started putting up Christmas decorations a little early the year that Owen was born and we really loved it so we have kept doing it. We listen to Christmas music and put up the tree about a week or so before Thanksgiving. It just makes us happy! We had a tiny little tree for our old house but we have plenty of room for a big tree and we found an awesome deal and this tree is gorgeous. I really love it! We have since taken down the weird wood boards on the ceiling and patched all the holes around the house so it looks much  better! Dan also hung some shelves for me and I have started putting up frames which I also love.


When I vacuum the floor, I put all of Owen’s toys on the couch and now he thinks it’s the funnest thing to climb on his dump truck while it’s on the chair or couch. He asks for me to do it even when I’m not vacuuming and he wants car keys as well so he can pretend to drive.


We have taken quite a few trips to Ikea lately and we realized that they have a big play area with all of their toys on display for kids to play with. There is a train table, kitchen, work bench, and most of their toys out for kids to play with. There are a bunch of chairs and a tunnel and it’s really fun. So we will sometimes just go to Ikea to play with the trains and Owen is in heaven! Good thing he is getting a train set for his birthday next week!