Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I’m a bit late in posting this, but July was a month of fun with summer in full swing. We got moved into our new house, which was very annoying and stressful and overwhelming. Moving is the worst. But we are so happy to be in our new place and we just love it! It is amazing to be so close to everyone!

We went to Rockport with a lot of Dan’s family on the 4th for some water fun. Dave has waverunners so we had fun with those after a big breakfast. Some of the family camped, but we opted to drive up and meet everyone after a good night’s sleep!

IMG_3547 Owen wasn’t a huge fan of the water and didn’t play in it much, but he loved driving the waverunners (or at least sitting on them pretending to drive). 

IMG_3544 Papa took him and Ryan on a little spin and Owen was in heaven!


We tried getting him to nap in Debbie and Marty’s RV, but he wasn’t having it. He finally fell asleep on Danny later in the day.

IMG_3554  Mike and Hailey were rocking their patriotic shirts for the 4th. Walmart special.

IMG_3564 IMG_3561 IMG_3560 We had a BBQ for dinner and everyone contributed. Most of the family was there and it was a lot of fun. It was so nice to be about an hour away from all the fun, so we didn’t have to drive too far!

IMG_3558 We had a BBQ at my mom’s house around the 4th (can’t remember exactly when), and we tried some fireworks for Owen’s sake. He didn’t mind them, but he was much more interested in the poppers. He loved throwing them and saying “whoa!!”




Towards the middle of July, we embarked on our annual Yellowstone trip with the Hill family. We loaded up the truck and drove to Shelley, ID to pick up a trailer that we rented. Owen loved my sunglasses and would put them on and say “Dad, dad, dad” so Danny would look at him. He was a trooper on the drive and did awesome.

IMG_3594  Yellowstone was tons of fun, and the family had several trailers, RVs and a tent. Dave has an RV, Debbie and Marty have an RV, Julie and Jon have a trailer and we had a trailer. Mike and Hailey had a tent. Owen loved “Dave’s bus” and “Papa’s bus” and all he wanted to do was drive it.

IMG_3596 We spent some time driving around the park, but also spent a lot of time just chilling and relaxing and enjoying the beauty.


Owen got his own cute little camp chair! It tipped over easily though so we had a lot crashes when he tried to climb into it!

IMG_3606 I love my little Sarah buddy. She has always been my little buddy and I still just adore her. She is the most loving, cuddly thing you will ever know and I love watching her grow up!


Owen had lots of fun with Brioney (she is 5 months older). They just loved each other and he would yell her name over and over. They took turns pushing each other in the strollers.

IMG_3623 IMG_3619


IMG_3644 Old Faithful!

IMG_3635 This cute little bear was outside a restaurant and Owen loves bears. He was so happy to be riding it and kept leaning down to give it kisses and hugs. So sweet.

IMG_3658 IMG_3654 Owen wasn’t too happy to be in the cold water with Dan (above), but when it started pouring rain at the Old Faithful Lodge, he was in heaven running around in the rain! He was squealing and jumping and all the people taking cover under the front porch area got a kick out of him. He is the cutest.

IMG_3648 We went to Mt. Washburn again and hiked a bit further than last year. We knew we wouldn’t make it the whole way and Owen didn’t love the backpack, so we took our time and let Owen explore and play and then we were done. Some of the rest of the family went the entire way to the very top!


We got home from Yellowstone to find out fridge had not closed tightly when we left so everything inside was warm and had to be thrown out. I was so ticked and disgusted by how much was wasted as I threw away all our condiments and fridge items. Luckily it was fairly empty since we were gone, but all the staples had to be tossed, then we had to go spend over $100 to restock the basics. We have hated that fridge since we moved in because it’s weirdly too small for the space and doesn’t have a place to get cold water, but now we really hate it! We will hopefully buy a new one soon!

IMG_3699 Danny put a fence in around our yard! His dad came and helped with the leveling and I’m so proud of him! He is such a hard worker and it looks so good! Now we can let Owen roam free in the  backyard without worrying about him taking off!


We had the Waites over for dinner and Reese and Owen hit it off. They are the biggest cuties on earth and I hope they fall in love! So happy we only live 5 minutes away from them now!

IMG_3722 My sister is in charge of event planning at her company and she had a big company party in Provo that she was in charge of. We went even though we’re not employees! It was really fun and there were food trucks, bounce houses, a petting zoo, games, etc. It was really awesome and fun and Owen just loved petting the animals. Strangely he didn’t want to ride the horses even though he rode on one about 2 months ago.


Owen came down with a pretty high fever and we still aren’t sure why, but I think it was teething. He had some molars come in and he was super tired and blazing hot. He just wanted to sleep with Dan or I holding him. Tylenol brought the fever down, but it would wear off and he would be hot again. We geared up for a rough night, but he slept 13 hours and was better the next day! What a relief! He has never been sick in his whole life so we really weren’t sure what to do. Sick babies are the worst.

IMG_3743 Brioney turned 2 and they had a fun water party at their house in West Haven. There were pools and a sprinkler under the tramp. Owen really loved it, especially the tramp!

IMG_3750 IMG_3748

We drove by our old house on the way home and it was really weird to see it and the differences. It still felt so familiar and I swear if I walked inside, it would look exactly like it used to before we moved. It’s a very weird feeling to make so many memories and move from a place you love. We love our new house though and are excited to continue to make it our own. It feels very comfortable now and we are happy that we found it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


   June has been pretty crazy for us. I can’t believe everything that happened during that one month. We got back from our trip to California and only had a few days to finish packing up our house to move out! We had done a lot of decluttering and started the process, but we worked really hard every night to get stuff packed up and organized.

We  had an issue with the U-Haul the night before (they “lost” our reservation and there were no more trucks! WHAT?!), so we had to have someone pick up a truck in West Jordan and drive it up to us on Saturday morning. That set us back a little, but we moved almost everything into the front yard while we waited for the truck to arrive.


It was pretty nuts and overwhelming, but we barely got everything into the moving truck and all the other vehicles and got on the road. I took a few pictures as I walked through my empty house and cried a little bit. It was very sad to leave the home we loved so much and I didn’t know where we would end up yet.


I have so many memories of Owen’s sweet room. It was the terrible purple and green fairy room for a long time, and then we spent so much time painting, and getting his room ready while I was pregnant. And then we brought Owen here and I spent a lot of nights rocking and feeding him in here. Lots of good memories.


We got to my mom’s house and had to fit everything from our 2600 sq foot house into her garage and basement family room. I was shocked that it all fit. It looked like an episode of hoarders, but we got all the big furniture stuff in the garage and boxes in the basement. We were able to have our rooms, bathroom, and couch area free, which was nice.


We spent a month at my mom’s house, and looked for houses almost every day. Owen and I spent some time at the park in her neighborhood, which was fun. He got to know Grandma Phyllis really well (my dad’s mom who lives with my mom as well). He loved “furness” and would always try to get into her room. She loved having him around as well.


We made a few trips to local splash pads, as well as the good old West Jordan pool.



We went to the library with grandma and Owen loved having her read to him. Her school teacher side really came out!


We had finally had enough of Owen’s long hair, and even though I loved his curls, they only looked good if I got his hair wet and used gel. I didn’t do that often, so he just looked like he had a mullet. We took the clippers to his hair and it looked really cute after! My mom and sister weren’t happy.



After looking every day for homes, we found a house in Herriman! It happened pretty quickly and we were able to close and get moved in this week! It is perfect for us and we are so excited. It’s less than 15 minutes to my mom’s house, close to shopping, food, etc, but still really “farmy” feeling. We have pastures behind our house that are full of cows, and the mountain views are awesome. The house is in great shape (except for the yard), but we have a list a mile long of projects we are planning. I can’t wait to get unpacked and settled so we can get started!


This child loves the water and was running through the hose while we watered my mom’s flowers. It was a little chilly but he didn’t mind at all! Just another way he is exactly like his dad.


We were able to go to a fun birthday party for Danny’s grandpa (Papa). He turned 80 and there were tons of people there. People came from out of town and it was a blast. Dan’s Aunt Julie makes awesome cakes and made this one with all of Papa’s favorite foods-“war cake”, pickles, corn on the cob, beans, hot dogs, and dots! It was amazing!


I love this picture of these boys! They all look so much a like and all have the same hairline!

The best part about the party was being 10 minutes away instead of over an hour! It has been awesome to have such short drives to family events!


My aunt and uncle came out from California and we met them at Maddox (as usual) for a yummy dinner. That place is the BEST. My cousin and his family live in Logan so we meet there a lot. Emma is about a year or so older than Owen, but he is about as big as her! They are the cutest!


We started taking Owen to nursery a few weeks early when we went to my mom’s ward. He cried when we would leave so we went back and forth and would stay with him sometimes. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either. The last week we were there, he stayed the whole time and when we came back, he was asleep on the floor! So funny. They said he was fine then fell asleep right before church ended. What a doll.


Dan ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar at the end of June and I opted out this year. I have done it a lot and did it last year, but I just wasn’t interested this year. I have never loved running, but it was fun to run a few races. After seeing the team at the finish line, I did not regret my decision Smile


We got to see Dan finish his last leg and then cross the finish line with the team. It was fun to cheer them on (especially while being well rested and clean!).



We started cleaning the house and slowly moving in last week. Dan and I took the picture below in our new house. The picture above was almost 5 years ago when we found out we got our house in West Point. Funny to see how much we have changed!


June was another great month and a good start to summer. We are so grateful for my amazing mom to let us take over her house and stay there. It was really fun to be around family so much and I loved how much Owen loves my mom! We took advantage of having her and we were able to put Owen to bed and then leave sometimes for errands. It was so nice to have her help and she is the best for putting up with us! Now we are only 15 minutes away!