Friday, August 21, 2015


July was full of fun and lots of time spent playing outside at the pool, splash pads, etc. Our neighbors invited us over for treats and sparklers and this was Owen’s first time with them. He loved it until he touched the end and got a small burn and he never wanted one after that!IMG_5572

We had family  over on the 4th of July for a big breakfast and it was really yummy and really fun. It was only about 1/3 of the whole crew, but still plenty of crazy kids!


We had a BBQ at my mom’s house later that day and did a few fireworks before we left. This was the only decent picture we got and Owen is always doing a crazy face, although a lot of times he thinks it is a real smile. It’s too funny so we just go with it.



We headed over to Becky’s for more firework fun with cousins and Owen was loving it. He loved sitting with Katelyn. He kind of got really weirdly hyper and was just yelling and screaming at the fireworks in an excited kind of way. He was doing some sort of karate kicks and punches and it was hilarious and strange.IMG_5615IMG_5605IMG_5608


Our neighborhood started doing a Walkabout once a month where we go to 3 homes for treats around the neighborhood and it is really fun. Owen loved pulling Kam in her wagon. We also went to Blackridge Reservoir a lot and really loved it. Owen jumps right in and it’s fun to have sand and a beach with water only a few minutes from our house!



Shelley threw a shower for me and Brigitte while she was visiting and it was really fun and cute. And I got tons of amazing gifts!


Over the 24th of July, Dan and Owen went camping and boating at Willard Bay with family. I started feeling sick on Friday afternoon but I made Danny still leave with plans to meet them up there the next morning. I ended up getting SUPER sick and throwing up about every 15 minutes for the next 12 hours. My mom was amazing and came to take care of me. Danny felt terrible and kept saying he would come home but I told him to stay and I’m glad they did so they had fun and didn’t get sick. I ended up at the hospital Saturday morning to get fluids and check on the baby, but it all turned out okay, and I slept all day Saturday and felt much better within a few days!IMG_5653

And Dan and Owen had a lot of fun boating and playing with cousins!


More summer fun in the mountains climbing rocks with Dad, and looking handsome in his new tie for church!



We also got to play with these cute kids a few times and Owen loved it. I miss Shelley too much and I hate how she lives so far away! But we had a lot of fun while they were here!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

June-San Diego part 2

We spent another day at the beach towards the end of our trip and it was COLD! It was really overcast and just cool, which was perfect for the days at the theme parks, but not so great for the beach. Owen didn’t get in the water, so he was fine with a jacket and I bundled up in the towels. We ended up staying a long time and still having a lot of fun though.


Dan and Owen had a lot of fun just playing in the sand. The picture above is my favorite ever because you can just see how happy Owen was to be dumping sand on Danny’s head! They are the cutest.


We spent a day at the zoo and it was really fun. The weather was amazing and cool and overcast and I just loved it. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but we were able to bring the BOB stroller in my in-law’s RV and it was awesome. It is so easy to push and goes everywhere, and it can lay down super far so Owen took several naps in it, including a nice long nap at the zoo!


Our first stop was the double decker bus tour around the zoo. It was fun to see the animals from up high and who doesn’t love to take it easy for a while?


We also did the gondola across the park and Owen was in heaven. It was way high and he just loved it.


We saw lots of cool animals and Owen enjoyed it. I think he liked playing with his cousins more than seeing the animals, but I don’t blame him! It was really fun to have so many cousins around for this trip.


His souvenir from the zoo was this little giraffe which was not cheap! But he was stoked and he has actually played with it a ton in the month since we have been home!


Cousins are the best!IMG_5466

We took this right before we left on Saturday morning to come back home in front of our cute little KOA cabin. It was perfect for our family with two rooms and Owen slept awesome (even on the top bunk!). The only downside was no bathroom, but we managed fine with the KOA bathrooms. It was great for the whole family, and we had Mark’s family in the cabin next to us, and Dave’s family in an RV down the street, and Dan’s parent's in an RV near Dave. We could all get together at our firepit and play at night and it was just an awesome vacation! The drive home was looooong, but there was no barfing and it was so much fun!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June-San Deigo part 1

June started with lots of splash pads with friends (and friend/cousin Weston). We loved it!IMG_5307


We went to San Diego at the beginning of June with some of Dan’s family and we had a blast. We drove about halfway the first day and I was pretty worried about Owen’s history of carsickness. He did great until about 4 hours into the trip then he threw up multiple times. We had this huge bib on him and a barf bucket ready, but we let our guard down and took it off after a few hours and then he barfed all over his clothes. It sucked.


But we made it to San Diego the next day and went straight to the beach! Owen wasn’t too sure about the waves and cold water, but he loved walking in the sand with grandpa.


Seriously the best picture I could get with this wild man. He just wanted to kick sand around!


Riding on Dan’s shoulders was a pretty common thing. Dan is awesome and strong and will pretty much always let Owen ride on his shoulders or carry him when I almost always say no!IMG_5318

On Sunday we drove to Old Town, which was really close to the KOA that we stayed. Owen really wanted Grandma to push him in the stroller. We are so glad Dan’s parents drove their RV so we could throw this huge stroller in there. It was so nice to push everywhere and Owen slept in it a ton!


We went to the Mormon Battalion museum which was pretty cool. We had to wait quite a while before we could get a tour, but the kids all played in the grass across the street, and we sat in the shade so it wasn’t too bad.IMG_5348

The tour was fun and interactive and the kids really enjoyed it. Afterwards we got to pan for gold and take a few rocks home. Owen mostly just wanted to splash and dump the water out.


We had a bit of a diarrhea incident on Monday morning at about 5am with Owen. It was pretty terrible, and I was so afraid that he was sick and our whole trip could be ruined. But we got him cleaned up and he went back to bed for a few hours, then woke up fine! We went to Seaworld and had tons of fun with cousins!


Owen loved his little whale souvenir and didn’t put it down for most of the trip!


His face was totally priceless when we watched the whale show and he clapped along to the music. I loved watching how happy he was!


We spent a lot of time in the KOA pool with the whale.


We stopped at the temple on our way to the beach and just walked around the grounds for a little while. It was gorgeous and so so CLEAN!


Owen liked the water, but he loved the sand and he and Weston spent the whole day just digging and playing in the sand.IMG_5392IMG_5386

He spent some time in the water with Dan but most of his time was on the beach with his cute cousins.


We went to the USS Midway downtown and decided to ride public transportation with Dave’s family. It was pretty exciting and we definitely stood out. I’m pretty sure we were the only white people and there were some super sketchy people, but it was funny and we had a good time.


We wandered around the Midway for a while and it was pretty cool to see how huge the carrier was. Dan’s dad was in heaven and Owen liked driving the planes and helicopters.


We got lunch at a restaurant on the carrier and I was stoked when the waiter gave me a DC with MY NAME ON IT. And it was spelled right! So exciting.


Owen loved sitting at the tall table with his big cousins. These boys are pretty cute!