Tuesday, October 28, 2014


September was another goodie and now October is almost done and I am just writing this…oh well. We celebrated my Dad’s birthday at the beginning of the month and went to dinner at Hires. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures, but with a 2 year old around, you barely have time to eat!

IMG_4066 We went to the state fair and my mom joined us. It was pretty fun, but Owen wasn’t happy about sitting in his stroller so Dan mostly held him the whole time. He did like the animals a lot and it was fun to see all the “interesting” people!IMG_4058 IMG_4061 Dan wore his buffalo shirt and got a turkey leg. He fit right in! Below Owen wanted to ride the horses, but freaked out when it actually came time to ride and he wouldn’t get on! We were ticked that we paid $5 but Dan is a champ and asked for our money back and they gave it to us! Hurray!

IMG_4063 We took a few trips up the canyon to enjoy the pretty colors and Owen had fun throwing rocks.

IMG_4037 IMG_4030 IMG_4035 I sure love these cute boys of mine.

IMG_4036 Owen found Dan’s hat and put it on and surprisingly left it on for quite a while! It was really cute.

IMG_3987 Owen loves to lay on our bed and will lay by me with a book while I read. He doesn’t hold still for long, but I love that he loves books!



We had several dump trucks full of topsoil delivered to our house, along with a ton of gravel. It was the day of our neighborhood party which was in our circle, so our dirt pile became the entertainment for the kids! We didn’t mind, but I felt bad for the parents who had filthy kids to clean up! Dan also borrowed a skid skeer to move the rocks and dirt and Owen was in heaven! My mom took him Saturday and we worked our butts off and got tons done. It was such hard work and so hot, but our yard looks amazing! We added gravel on the side for a parking strip, and raised up all our garden beds with topsoil.


We went up the canyon with some KFC and roasted s’mores. We didn’t realize that we had to reserve the sites at this place, and the lady made us pay 20 bucks to have a fire for a few hours! We were ticked, but the fire was still fun.

IMG_4140 Owen loved throwing rocks in the river! I can’t remember if it was on this trip up the canyon, but he barfed on the way home. He gets carsick like me, yay! Our most recent carsick adventure was driving 15 minutes to my in-laws and he puked right before we got there. Grossest ever. Poor kid.


I love these two pictures. Owen just takes off wherever we go and loves to explore everything. He is so much fun!

IMG_4147 We have been going to story time at the library almost every week and Owen loves it! The first time he was a little hesitant, but now he loves Tami, and knows the words to the songs. It is so cute and fun and I love going with him.

IMG_4132 The picture below is really dark but I love it. Dan took it without me knowing and I was reading to Owen before bed. He was sitting on my legs and listening really carefully to the story. I think the book was “Owen” and it’s adorable and about a little mouse named Owen who loves his blanket (very familiary!). He loves it and is getting so big and will listen to books a lot now. He will ask to rock a bye with mommy and wants me to read to him.


Owen loves taking baths in the “tubby” and of course has to bring half his toys with him. I let him take things that won’t get ruined and I was laughing when he started drinking water from his tractor. Funny kid.

IMG_4162 He had two big falls on the same day and scratched up his face and got a goose egg on his forehead. It looked like he was in a car accident or something! He got a lot of pity from people and he was fine, but it was sad to see his cute face scraped up!


Friday, September 12, 2014


We started August by FINALLY going to the temple together! We haven’t been in a long time and we are working on switching with some friends every month so we can go more often! We have never been to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and it was gorgeous. I’m so glad we got to go!


I just really love this picture of my cute boy laying on my bed. Love him.


Owen managed to get the camera turned on while playing with my phone in the car and took a jillion selfies. He loved the shutter/clicker sound and I had to keep a few of the cute pics he took of himself!


We love jumping on the tramp around here and I love that these pictures show our awesome fence that Dan put up! He did it all by himself (with some help from his dad) and it looks great! He worked so hard in the heat and got it up quickly so that we didn’t lose our home insurance (tramp with no fence = no coverage boo!). We love it and it’s so nice to send Owen back there and know that he can’t escape! We have an empty lot next to us so it’s going to be nice when someone builds there as well.


Cute boys at church! Owen has been a bit of a pill in nursery so that has been a struggle. But I know it’s totally normal, so we are working on it!IMG_3914

This kid is OBSESSED with driving anything and everything. He loves to pretend to drive things and will sit in a car or truck for hours driving if we let him. He recently started saying “drivin’ the library”! I love how he has started to pretend! He was in heaven when we went to Home Depot and they had riding mowers out front. Taking him off was another story…IMG_3918

I got to go to the season opener U of U game with Julie and Everett and we had a blast. I almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad that I did! I got a bit teary walking into that stadium and thinking about the hundreds of games we attended while growing up. My dad was a HUGE fan and I couldn’t stop thinking of him the whole night. I even parked on the street he grew up on! He would have loved it and I’m so glad I got to cheer on my Utes!

IMG_3952   On Labor Day weekend, we went to Rockport again with some of Dan’s family. We didn’t camp but spent the afternoon there. Some kids were blowing huge bubbles and it was really fun to watch them.


Owen did WAAAY better than when we were there on the 4th of July. It was nice and hot in the afternoon and he loved playing in the mud and water. He didn’t care to ride the waverunners, but had a blast digging and playing with his cousins.

IMG_3966 These two just chillin after church one day. Owen just adores Danny and follows him everywhere. Dan is such a good dad and plays with Owen as much as possible. They are just the best ever and it’s amazing how two people can be my entire life. I love them and I’m so glad I have them both! What a lucky lady I am!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bear Lake!

We went to Bear Lake at the beginning of August with my family and we had such a good time! We took off on Wednesday around 2 and we headed up. Owen did really well in the car and we made a few short stops (including seeing the animals on the wall at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Logan) before making it to Garden City.


My awesome mom had rented a cabin for all of us and it turned out to be great! It was about 1/4 mile away from the main Marina on the east side of the lake and it was huge. We had plenty of room for everyone and it was great because Owen had his own room. We got settled and I made some dinner while we waited for my mom to arrive. IMG_3757

We checked out the pool and even though it was evening and pretty chilly, Owen was in heaven. He loved swimming with Dan!


Steph and Andrew didn’t make it until Thursday, so we went with my mom down to the water for a bit on Thursday and Owen and Dan threw some rocks. It was a bit cold for him, so we didn’t last too long!


We did a lot of eating (my mom brought enough food for the Army….) and relaxing. There was a big deck on the cabin with a great view of the lake and we spent some time out there. Owen had fun exploring and did really well sleeping, which was a relief.


We checked out a park one day and Owen loved the swings of course! Steph and Andrew did too!


Dan got a pretty bad head cold and wasn’t feeling 100% he sounded terrible and it was kind of a big bummer. But luckily he is tough and didn’t complain much and still had fun with us. He was resting and Owen had to be right there with him. Cutest.


On Friday we got up and headed to the west side of the lake to Nancy’s “cabin” (not really a cabin, just an awesome house!) She is in my mom’s ward and I grew up with her as my young women’s advisor. I just loved her and spent a few times at her house at the lake in high school. She invited us over for the day and we had a BLAST. We were all dying at her awesome property and all the amazing toys they have!


Casey had a big tractor to launch the boats and Owen loved watching it. Of course he wanted to drive the boat and tried to get in the driver’s seat any chance he got!


We did some wakeboarding and luckily I had a wetsuit! It was a little chilly, but warmed up a lot by the afternoon and we didn’t need them.


The boys had some good tube rides and Steph got this great shot of Andrew backflipping off!


Owen and I even had a good ride on the tube! He is such a cutie pie and really loved the ride! He loved the water and kept jumping off the back of the boat. Steph and I were laughing because it was so stinkin cute. He would jump off then sort of panic as I pulled him back to the boat, then immediately jump back in once he was out of the water!


They had so many fun toys to play with and the house was right on the beach so it was perfect! We played with kayak’s, paddleboards, and ate lunch. Owen loved digging in the sand and even rode on my kayak with me.

IMG_3907IMG_3911  IMG_3796IMG_3906                   After Nancy’s, we were all dreaming about having an awesome set up like that some day!


We tried to go to a local rodeo, but it didn’t go super well…it was pretty pricey and then we left after about an hour because a big storm rolled in and it started to pour. We made it out right before the rain, and Owen still had fun watching the animals, but we didn’t get to see much.


We left on Sunday morning. I wish my mom was in this picture but she was taking it! We had so much fun together with the family and I just love these people. We can’t wait to do it again next year!