Friday, March 25, 2016



Owen reallllly loves Leah. Maybe a little too much, but I’m just glad he has yet to get mad at her or try to hurt her (on purpose). He loves helping me give her a bath and reading stories to her. It’s adorable.


Steph gave us this cute onesie from her work. Also, I bought that hat for Owen and it never fit his huge head, and it still fit Leah at 2 months hehe.


I sure love these kiddos. I love how snuggly and cuddly Leah is! And we met Steph for lunch one day at Café Rio! It made me excited for her to someday have kiddos and not work so we can do it more often!IMG_6443IMG_6374

Leah loves sleeping on her tummy! It’s the cutest thing and I let her nap that way a lot now, but we discovered it because I put her on the floor (above) during Owen’s bath, and she fell asleep and stayed that way for 2 HOURS! We were walking all around her and she kept sleeping. Love it.


Leah loves the wrap and being cuddled up, but she is pretty needy and wants to be held a ton, which is hard for me. So sometimes I have to wrap her up to get things done around here!IMG_6540IMG_6530

That is a mouse next to my snow boot. It was inside my boot, and I put my foot, and then my hand in it! I almost died when I realized it was a dead mouse. So gross and traumatizing.IMG_6531

Dan loves Leah cuddles too. And Joe! I love how much Joe loves babies!


Dan got a chainsaw for his birthday and used it to help his parents cut down their apple tree. He kind of loved it.IMG_6432

Cutest superhero cousins! Owen is so so lucky to have so may awesome cousins around his age.IMG_6416

These were some of the first real smiles and laughs I got from Leah, and I love how big she looks!


Grandma came over and Owen really just wanted her to read to him while he laid on her lap.


We got a new stroller. I wanted a double, but couldn’t decide what kind to get that wasn’t huge, so we ended up with this sit and stand and I think it will work well for us, especially by Spring when Leah is big enough to sit in it without her car seat.IMG_6367IMG_6369

Silly kid was so excited when we got a millimeter of snow and he wanted to go play in it!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


October was fun fun! I just had to take a picture of this cute boy for no real reason!


We had dinner with my mom and sis during Priesthood at our favorite Thai restaurant!IMG_1353

We got our pumpkins from the farm!


Owen continued to be obsessed with Leah and always wants to hold her! We are working on giving her space…IMG_6126

We visited Steph at work and got to ride her sweet golf cart to Kneaders for lunch!IMG_6203

My cute friend since FOREVER got married and I was able to go to the sealing and it was awesome!


We all love Leah!


Grammy took us to Cornbellys and spoiled Owen with this adorable face paint which he absolutely loved!IMG_6182

Cecil the Lion and Danny was the dentist (it was a viral story about a dentist who killed a beloved lion in Africa…Dan thought it was hilarious).IMG_6263

We went to a fun neighborhood party and Leah wore her owl hat he he.


I sure love these cute kiddos!


We went to the farm with the neighborhood play group and also made it to the farm to ride the horses!


Owen fell asleep on Dan at church! It was nuts and so unexpected but so adorable and precious.


We got to visit Dan at work for trick or treating and Owen got his face painted and he got loaded up with candy!


We were able to go to the Garth Brooks concert with some of Dan’s family and it was AWESOME! We loved it so so much and it was so fun to go out with Dan without the kiddos (thanks to my mama!).


Halloween was fun and we did a little trick or treating in our neighborhood then headed to Dave’s for some more trick or treating and fun with cousins!IMG_6340IMG_6348

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


At the beginning of September, we went to have dinner in the mountains in honor of my dad’s birthday. Owen was immediately filthy and loved “making smoke” with his monster trucks in the dirt.


He loved wearing a headlamp and sitting with Steph.


My dad loved to spend time in the mountains and having dinner together was a great way to remember him. It was delicious and fun!


The next day was Labor Day and we drove up to Silver Lake to enjoy the fall colors. It was beautiful and much cooler than at home! We walked all the way around the lake (quite an accomplishment for a huge pregnant lady). We took our time and explored so I could rest a lot!IMG_5866IMG_5864

I got Owen’s Halloween costume early and he was so stoked to be a cute little lion and about died with happiness when I put it on him.


I finally pulled out the paints we got him for his birthday almost a year ago! He loved it…for about 20 minutes.


Every time Danny gets together with his brothers, they do some sort of stupid competition, and this time it was toddler tossing.


I finished Leah’s room a few weeks before she arrived and I love it! It’s pretty simple, but I love the pink ceiling and the polka dots!IMG_5895IMG_5896IMG_5897

Owen needed boots because it was raining Smile


I’m really glad I took this picture because I only have a few pictures of me while I was pregnant and I took this at 39 weeks, and only 1 day before Leah came!


This was the day that Leah came, and Danny stayed home from work because I was having regular contractions and we didn’t know how fast she would be here! She ended up coming much later that night, so he could have gone to work, but we had such a good day together as a family and I will always treasure that. Owen and Dan played a lot, and it was just such a good day. I will write about Leah’s birth in another post!