Friday, August 21, 2015


July was full of fun and lots of time spent playing outside at the pool, splash pads, etc. Our neighbors invited us over for treats and sparklers and this was Owen’s first time with them. He loved it until he touched the end and got a small burn and he never wanted one after that!IMG_5572

We had family  over on the 4th of July for a big breakfast and it was really yummy and really fun. It was only about 1/3 of the whole crew, but still plenty of crazy kids!


We had a BBQ at my mom’s house later that day and did a few fireworks before we left. This was the only decent picture we got and Owen is always doing a crazy face, although a lot of times he thinks it is a real smile. It’s too funny so we just go with it.



We headed over to Becky’s for more firework fun with cousins and Owen was loving it. He loved sitting with Katelyn. He kind of got really weirdly hyper and was just yelling and screaming at the fireworks in an excited kind of way. He was doing some sort of karate kicks and punches and it was hilarious and strange.IMG_5615IMG_5605IMG_5608


Our neighborhood started doing a Walkabout once a month where we go to 3 homes for treats around the neighborhood and it is really fun. Owen loved pulling Kam in her wagon. We also went to Blackridge Reservoir a lot and really loved it. Owen jumps right in and it’s fun to have sand and a beach with water only a few minutes from our house!



Shelley threw a shower for me and Brigitte while she was visiting and it was really fun and cute. And I got tons of amazing gifts!


Over the 24th of July, Dan and Owen went camping and boating at Willard Bay with family. I started feeling sick on Friday afternoon but I made Danny still leave with plans to meet them up there the next morning. I ended up getting SUPER sick and throwing up about every 15 minutes for the next 12 hours. My mom was amazing and came to take care of me. Danny felt terrible and kept saying he would come home but I told him to stay and I’m glad they did so they had fun and didn’t get sick. I ended up at the hospital Saturday morning to get fluids and check on the baby, but it all turned out okay, and I slept all day Saturday and felt much better within a few days!IMG_5653

And Dan and Owen had a lot of fun boating and playing with cousins!


More summer fun in the mountains climbing rocks with Dad, and looking handsome in his new tie for church!



We also got to play with these cute kids a few times and Owen loved it. I miss Shelley too much and I hate how she lives so far away! But we had a lot of fun while they were here!