Friday, January 15, 2010

Yay for Weekends!I love weekends and I’m excited for this weekend because I have a lot of crafty stuff I want to do! I’m really obsessed with reading all the crafty blogs out there and getting all these great ideas for my house! Now if only I had more time and money to do them all RIGHT NOW!

I’m also going to try to check out a swap meet near my house and a few thrift stores!

First project: Molding Squares:28369_0_4-2436-traditional-staircase                                  I saw this a long time ago here, and I loved it! I have been plotting and planning and finally going to do it this weekend! I’m going to put the squares side by side below the window on the landing of our stairway.IMG_4540                                         That picture was taken before we painted the walls. The are now light brown with dark brown accents walls, so painting the inside of the squares the accent color will look great!                           DSC08381                                I don’t have any cool iron pieces like she does, so I think I’ll do a stencil in the middle of the squares like this:                                                                           DSC07435DSC07436

Second project: Curtains on back door:050[4]                                     I’m going to put some curtains on our back door like hers. If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE everything she does! Thrifty Decor Chick has a great blog with tons of great ideas and help on how to do it! Yay!Picture1                                     I’m putting the curtains there (see the arrow :)) It give us some more privacy since now our back neighbors can see everything we’re doing through that window. Weird.

And finally, project 3: pictures and vinyl on stairs:wallphotos          This is at Alicia Lee (Carter)’s house and I love all the random pictures with the phrase in the middle. So of course I’m going to copy it! I got the same phrase in vinyl and I’m going to put up a bunch of frames (all black) on the other wall going up the stairs.                       Picture1                                     So what do you think? Can I do it all? Will it look good? Who knows, but I’m excited and I’m sure it will be fun! I’ll post pics when I’m done!

Oh and maybe I’ll have some time to clean! Haha yeah right…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go Jazz Go!  Dan and I bought one of the Jazz ticket packages they had during Christmas and we got 2 tickets to 3 different games. We went to the first game on Monday night and it was really fun! We didn’t have the best seats but we still enjoyed it and Dan was so excited. He LOVES the Jazz and watches every game! Luckily I do too so it works out great.IMG_4979    We watched the Jazz beat Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat!IMG_4980   The Jazz (finally) played great!IMG_4981         I got Dan to tear his eyes away from the game for 2 seconds while I took this pic :)IMG_4982 IMG_4983  Yay for Jazz games! We get to go to two more games in the next month!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Fun! Our newest nephew, Everett Michael Price was born on Thursday! We went to visit him on Saturday and I had a cough so I wasn’t going to hold him. But Jon sells medical supplies so he had these sweet masks and I just wore on so I could hold the babe! I looked great in it :) Everett is so sweet and cute and tiny and I love him!IMG_4949 Dan and I went down to Lehi on Saturday night for Addy’s 4th birthday. It was really fun and crazy (as usual)! The kids love my camera so they took it and took a bunch of cute pictures of everyone. I decided that the best pictures are taken by kids! They make everyone smile genuine smiles and I love their pictures the best!IMG_4977 Me and Mia. She is a good baby, but it’s hard to get a smile out of her except for Becky! She freaks out and laughs and wiggles when she sees her mom! It’s so cute!IMG_4950 Addy blowing out the candles on her butteryfly/M&Ms cake!IMG_4952 The girles were so cute with Honey and Papa (Dan’s grandparenIMG_4953ts). IMG_4954 IMG_4955 Mia the cute little chunk.IMG_4958 IMG_4959 We gave Addy a Barbie Diva set with nail polish and all that. She really liked it! IMG_4960 IMG_4962These are the great shots the girls took of each other! Emily (left) is such a poser and always models and strikes poses! She took the pic of Addy and told Addy how to stand! It was so funny!IMG_4965 IMG_4967 Me and Addy, Joseph and Grandpa (or Dad depending on who you are….) IMG_4968 IMG_4969Dave and Ryan, Grandma (Mom) and Great-Grandpa (Grandpa) Goates! IMG_4970 IMG_4972Mike and Becky. IMG_4973IMG_4974 Katelyn and Dan. IMG_4961

And my favorite picture and Sarah and Emily. I love my nieces and nephews so much (if you didn’t notice by how many pictures I post of them)! The are just so precious and give me so much love and just make me happy! I’m so lucky to be an aunt!

For Nicole!

Nicole asked me in a comment how I made my pictures have rounded corners. First of all, if you don’t have a white background, it will look like my pictures, which aren’t technically rounded because the square edges show through as white. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but whatever!

Anyway, I am using this great tool called Windows Live Writer and it’s awesome! I have read about a lot of other blogger people using it and it’s really great. It’s free and you can just download it here: It makes blogging SO much easier! I hate blogger and how the pictures get all messed up and it can get so frustrating but live writer makes it way simple.

You can just link up to your blog then use live writer to write and publish posts. You can import pictures and everything like normal, it’s just much easier to move around text and pictures. You can also change fonts and colors much easier and you can edit pictures in a lot of different ways like this:


Copy of IMG_4873

IMG_4871                                       You can also really easily change the sizes of your pictures by clicking the advanced tab and changing the size to small, medium, etc. Or like I do, just change the pixel size and it will auto adjust your pic! You can also click the effects tab and change the pic to black and white or a few other things! Then you can preview your post before you post it. You can also go back and edit previous posts. It’s pretty great and I highly recommend it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

IMG_4247             I love this kid.Copy of IMG_4583                 I can’t get enough of him.

P.S.That quote is from Elf…I love it!