Friday, December 2, 2011

Silhouette Cameo

Have you heard of the Silhouette Cameo? It's the newest Silhouette craft cutter which is similar to a Cricut. The best part is that there are no expensive cartridges and you can just purchase images from their store for $1, or make your own images and cut them!  It cuts paper, vinyl, fabric and there are so many AWESOME projects and things to do with it! I have wanted one for quite a while and finally got an early Christmas present and bought one during a good sale on Black Friday!

There are so many awesome things you can do with a Silhouette and I can’t wait to try them all. I just found out that it should be waiting for me when I get home and I’m STOKED. I'm beside myself with excitement and I can't wait to make some of the awesomeness that I have seen in the blog world. I will probably be using to make some Christmas presents as well!


Temporary tattoos (Dan is really excited about this one).

Heat transfer to make your own shirts.

Etched glass

Fabric/paper bunting and banners.

There are tons of great ideas for all kinds of different things and the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to get started…

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flooring Extravaganza

We are still not completely finished with our flooring project but it’s just about done so I thought I would finally share some pictures because we love it! First of all, here are some before pictures. You can see my white painted island that I finished the day we started the floorings. Good timing.395 See the weird angle of the carpet/laminate? I hated how weird that looked and we had to squish the chair into the family room more so that it wouldn’t have one leg on the laminate and look weird. The carpet was also grungy and not very soft.402 We picked up about ten million tons of laminate flooring from Sam’s club and lugged it into the house. This is only about half of it! This is also a before picture of the living room with carpeting.

400 Dan stayed up late several nights in a row ripping out baseboards, moulding, carpet and the old flooring. He was amazing and got so much done so we were ready to lay floor when people came to help on Saturday. Thank goodness for Dan’s amazing family and their willingness to help because we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! They work great together and did an amazing job on the floors.404 Our house was a disaster zone and covered in dust.405 Debbie was there for moral support (she has a broken leg), and she did a great job giving tips and pointers since she had done flooring at their house before. 406 407 The saw was set up in the living room and dust was EVERYWHERE.411409 Julie came to help and brought the boys who tested out the newly laid floor. Everett almost biffed it a few times since the floor was really dusty but they are always fun to have around. Julie also brought us pizza for lunch!410422 Dan finished up the rest of the floor during some late nights on Monday and Tuesday. We took a break for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and Thursday and worked on the baseboards and finishing things up Friday and Saturday. I have cleaned everything about ten times but I think most of the dust is finally gone! There is still a lot to do to finish up the baseboards, but we are just about there! We put the house together and found a new rug for the family room. 418 And here is what things look like now. We love it and I think the floors look amazing. I love the dark wood, wide planks, and hand scraped detail. It’s also really durable and will hopefully last a long time! I love the rug we found at Home Goods (and shoved in the back of our Accord!). It makes it more cozy and softer to lay on but you can still see the floors.432

You can see the new baseboards and moulding around the door frames here. I love the thick and simple look of the moulding and it matches the kitchen island and I also framed the window in the kitchen.

437431 433 A few more shots from some different angles.434 438436

While at HomeGoods, we found a chair we loved to put in the little nook/desk area. We have been using a folding white chair for 2 years so this looks much nicer and it’s comfortable too!440439

Below is a pretty good idea of the main room before we moved in almost exactly 2 years ago.


And here is the main room now from a similar angle. I still have more plans (always!) but we really love it. It’s amazing how much there is to do in the house! There are always more projects and ideas, and I remember thinking when we moved in that the entire house would be “done” in about a year! That was a joke…we still have empty rooms but it’s getting there and so far we love it!


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