Saturday, January 1, 2011

oh one oh one eleven?

This is a long post and I will put up pics of the rest of our cruise soon! But I forgot that I didn’t put any of Mike’s wedding!


Dan’s older brother Mike got married on December 21. His new wife is also named Hailey so there are now two Haley/Hailey Hill’s in the family! It’s pretty confusing for the kids but she’s awesome so I don’t mind sharing the name with her Smile.


The temple was amazing and watching them get sealed was beautiful. It made me love Dan so much and I’m so grateful that we could share that special moment with them.


This kid is funny.


It was pretty cold at the temple and really hard to get any pics with everyone smiling! But it was still fun and the boys got in a snowball fight afterwards.


The reception was at Hailey’s aunt’s house in Farmington and it was an amazing house. It was massive and beautiful and I had to take some pics of the gorgeous kitchen!


All the siblings (minus Jon) with Mike and Hailey.


Theses pictures aren’t the greatest because someone just took them for us and it really is impossible to get everyone smiling at the same time with their eyes open! But we tried…


The kids are so funny and I love looking at all their different expressions. Hilarious.


Awkward Hill Family Christmas Photo 2010 below.


Less awkward Hill Family Christmas Photo 2010.


Dan and I had our first Christmas morning together at our own home and it was great! We had a small budget for gifts this year because we just went on a cruise and we bought a bunch of tools and other things the day after Thanksgiving. But we still loved our gifts!


Dan got a backpacking towel, a church book, running underwear, and a neck gaitor for running. I got a punch bowel set, lotion and a cute purse.


After we had our Christmas morning together, we spent the afternoon with Dan’s family. We had lunch with his grandparents, and all the great-grandkids got cute hats.


Then we went to Dan’s parent’s house and exchanged gifts (we draw names). It was really crazy and chaotic, but so fun. The whole family was there (except for Jon in Brazil!). There are 27 of us total and Amanda is due with a new baby in March and I can’t wait to meet him!


Dan and I got a sweet measuring tool thingy and a iHome from his parents!


We got a set of Christmas movies, popcorn and of course Diet Coke from Jon and Julie (they drew us).


After that, we headed to my parents for dessert. We hung out and watched Elf on their big comfy couch in the basement (I seriously love it!).AAAAC0-kYrUAAAAAAQ15cAMy parents bought us an air compressor combo kit and I was ecstatic! It has two nail guns and a staple gun and I can’t wait to use it! I have so many projects and I think I was more excited than Dan was to get this (and he was excited). Steph got Dan a sweet Jazz shirt and got my a home décor thing I have wanted for awhile.


On Sunday after Christmas we invited everyone who wanted to come up to our house for dinner and everyone ended up coming! We honestly thought Walmart would be open on Christmas so we could get a few things, but nothing was open! I couldn’t believe it! But luckily everyone pitched in and brought food so we were fine.DSC00748

We turned on a  Christmas movie for the kids (love Comcast onDemand!). It was awesome to have everyone in our home and it seriously brings me so much joy to have people we care about in our home-whether it’s close friends, a few family members,  or 30 people! We had a great holiday and we’re so thankful for all our amazing blessings this year! We can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us…


Shell said...

Looks like you had soooo much fun! Mike's wedding looked beautiful. So fun that everyone came to your house...that's a lot of ppl:) Love ya!

The Steeds said...

I am so glad that you posted this post. I was waiting for it for a while now. :) Glad you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!

Derek and Bre said...

I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. I love the awkward family pic, you guys are funny.

Nicole said...

That house looks amazing!!! Looks like a fun Christmas!

PS...Thanks for the comment on my outfit post :)

Amy said...

I laughed right out loud at your awkward Christmas pic!!! HA! that is pretty much hilarious.