Monday, January 10, 2011

part 3 (much delayed…)

So sorry for the delay on getting the last of our pics up…I’m sure you were dying in anticipation right? Ha.


Our last stop was Cozumel, Mexico and we went to Tulum to visit the Mayan ruins. It was really warm but apparently perfect weather compared to how hot is usually is there! It was absolutely gorgeous and I would love to go back with an LDS guide to get a different perspective.



The ruins were overlooking one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen. We were more than ready to take a dip!


The waves were pretty big, but the water was so warm and I seriously LOVED it! I’m so used to the cold California ocean so this was amazing. We did some body surfing and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.



There were iguanas walking all over the ruins and people were obsessed with them.


After we got back from the ruins, we still had time to change clothes on the boat and head back to Cozumel for the evening. I was really excited to shop and there were a lot of places selling things, but I ended up only getting 3 huge bottles of Mexican vanilla! I grew up using my grandma’s Mexican vanilla and it’s amazing so I was way pumped to get some for really cheap!


We walked all the way downtown (we thought it was closer but it was really about 3 miles!). We had dinner at a cute little restaurant in the main square. It was really yummy and Dan got some more Mexican coke!



Our cute heart shaped towel…precious.


Dan loved the scorpion towel animal.


Out waiters were so awesome! The one on the right was from Haiti and the one of the left was from Indonesia! They were awesome and the guy on the right (“D”) always had this huge smile on his face! I’m so sad this pic didn’t get it Sad smile


We got off our ship around 9:30am and our flight didn’t leave until 5:30pm. We had pre-booked a shuttle to the airport and so we had to go on that right after we got off the ship! It was quite a long day…


We are so sad our trip is already over…


I have a few more pics that we got developed from our underwater camera that I will post as soon as I scan them onto the computer!

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David and Rachel said...

Yay for Mexican vanilla! I picked up very large bottle at the Walmart in Puerto Vallarta last year! Great stuff!