Saturday, January 15, 2011


Okay I’m still working on our many months has it been again?! Ugh, anyway, I need help deciding what color to paint the frames we’re going to put above our bed. I did some extremely bad photoshopping to get an idea of the colors we’re thinking.

Keep in mind that the curtains to the right of the bed are white with yellow, black and white panels at the bottom, and there is a tall long mirror with a thick black frame to the left of the bed.


Option #1 is silver..hard to tell in the pics! But our lamps are silver, the nailhead trim on the headboard is silver, the handles on the nightstands are silver, and the curtain rod is silver. The stencil is also silvery.


Option #2: White…obviously there is a lot of white in the room and I think it looks good in white.


Option #3 is black. We have black on the pillow, and the mirror to the left. We also have a flat screen TV hanging on the opposite wall that is black. There is some black in the panel on the curtains as well.

So please help me decide what to do with the frames! Any suggestions are much appreciated! Please vote in the poll at the top of my blog. Thanks everyone!


Steve and Chelsea said...

I think that the black would look great. My second choice would be an off-white. (No bright stark white)
AND I wouldn't print your pictures in color. It will be much edgier if you did it in black and white.
(Printing them in color would be too distracting and take away from your sweet stenciling job)
Hope that helps!

Eric and Ape said...

I agree with the black. I think it pops, and will blend in the t.v. and the mirror.

I don't really know what i'm talking about though...

Bekah said...

black gets my vote. I love the decor btw.

Laurel said...

I say white or slightly off white!

The Steeds said...

I say black and ditto to Chelsey.

Shell said...

Yeah, I like the black the best too. Your photoshopping is WAY funny...I love it:)

Haley Hill said...

Thanks guys! I am going to do the pictures in B&W and they're obviously not going to be the goofy pics in the examples :)

Anonymous said...

i have those same exact pillows :) love them
AND i love your walls!