Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well my birthday was on Halloween (fun birthday right?). It was a great day and a great weekend actually. I found yet another reason to love being married: more gifts! I get presents from Dan and his parents and I still get presents from my parents! It's awesome! But it really was a great weekend. We went down to West Jordan and we went trick or treating with Dan's little nieces. They are the cutest things and it's just so fun being around kids because they have such a happy spirit and get so excited about things! I love it! And plus their neighborhood was amazing for candy and every house gave out big candy bars, donuts, and gogurts! They even gave us some! Every year my dad has given us roses for our brithday. It's a great tradition.
My presents from my parents! I got a kitchen aid mixer (woo hoo!), a robe, slippers, some clothes, a bra baby (best invention ever-it's a contraption that lets you wash your bras without getting them all lumpy or tangled!), scentsy, and some cute Christmas decorations! I'm so lucky!

Dan surprised me and had 24 gorgeous roses waiting for me on my desk when I got up to work in the morning. How sweet. I love him.

Here I am with some of Dan's presents. He did a great job especially considering that I can be somewhat difficult to shop for! He bought me some Tommy Girl perfume, Bourne Ultimatum (love it!), Biolage shampoo and a year subscription to US Weekly! I love semi-trashy magazines and I always read them in line at Wal-Mart. So now I have my own subscription!

This video is so funny I had to post it. My parent's puppy is pretty crazy and hyper (Dan can't stand him), and I was studying and he went crazy and destroyed all the newspaper! He is such a crazy dog, but hopefully he will calm down soon and the puppy training classes my mom takes him to will start to sink in!


wendy said...

Happy Birthday Haley! Looks like you made a haul. Danny did good, still can't believe he's married. You both look so happy. Glad things are great. We miss seeing all of you.

The Hills said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun day for you. We wish we could've gone trick or treating with you guys too. Maybe next year we'll go with David's kids. Good job Danny. BTW love the hair!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday again:) You made out like a rock star this year, way to go. I especially love the Kitchenaid Mixer-I can't get enough of mine. We have your present and will give it to the next time we see you:)

The Steeds said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad that it was a fun one!

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