Friday, August 17, 2012

Updates around the house

Garden update: it’s out of control. Everything has done amazing except for the red onions. They grew really tall but they are tiny so that was a bummer. But just look at the madness.

013 (2)

We have harvested the following: spinach, lettuce, cilantro. parsley, basil, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, peas, green onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and maybe more…can’t remember. It’s amazing that all this came from some tiny seeds I planted a few months ago! I love it and I’ve learned a ton about what to do differently and change for next year.

019 (2)

This all came out of one quick harvest the other night. Basil, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. It’s crazy! I have made a lot of delicious and relatively healthy zucchini bread and we love it. Luckily I only planted one zucchini plant because that has been insane.

A few things for next year:

  • plant more: peas, peppers
  • trellis the peas
  • trellis the cucumber
  • probably won’t plant: carrots
  • plant 1 cherry tomato plant
  • plant less: spinach, cilantro, parsley, lettuce
  • fertilize everything, especially onions, cucumber
  • give tomatoes their own box with support
  • give zucchini its own box

014 (2)

Our backyard flower beds look awesome and I love the bright flowers. They have just exploded and gotten huge. We will still add more perennials to our backyard in the fall but I love the color we have had so far.

016 (2)015 (2)017 (2)

A few weeks ago I got the hankering to repaint our half bath on the main level. I had painted it the orange color over a year ago but it was just too much for me in that small room. And it clashed with the counters and cabinet.


So I painted it the same gray we have in our master bedroom and I also painted the cabinet white and added hardware. It looks a million times better now and it was almost free (just bought the hardware)! I may add something where the vinyl was but I’m not sure yet.

020 (2)021

I also want to get a different rug, but overall, it feels much calmer and brighter and doesn’t clash as much with the counter and floors.

022 (2)

Nursery progress! I am dying over how much I already love this room. Dan has been a beast and done a ton of work and it looks amazing so far.

027 (2)

Remember when it used to look like this? Keep in mind those are fairy stickers and one wall was sickly green. And that orange rug won’t stay there.


Now it seems so much bigger and brighter and I LOVE IT! We still have tons of work to do but I wanted to update with some progress. We still have to caulk a ton and I will paint the board and batten bright white to match the walls. Hopefully we can build a window seat too! The color looks really blue in here but it has a greenish grayish tone to it as well and is really pretty. We also painted the bathroom across from the nursery the same bluish color and it looks a lot different in there too.

025 (2)

I bought this crib on KSL ages ago because it was the one I wanted for cheap! I still love it. The top of the board and batten has a shelf so I can put artwork on it (not above the crib obviously).

026 (2)

There is a ton more to do in here and I am excited to figure out what type of rug to do, artwork, a dresser, glider, lighting, etc. Of course I have tons of ideas and plans so hopefully it all works out and looks as great as it does in my head!


The Millers said...

I seriously love everything you have done in the room and I don't know why we didn't come look at it while we were there! You can be my idea girl when we figure things out for our house because I just love how it all has turned out for you. That little man is one lucky boy to have you as is mama!!

Kelsie said...

Ok, I'm kind of obsessed with your nursery! Can I just hire you and Dan to come do ours too? ha ha But seriously I'm probably going to be asking you guys a ton of questions on how to do things, hope that's ok!

Unknown said...

It looks SO good! I love the colors and shelves, Dan is the man! Honestly one of the most fun parts of my pregnancy has been doing the nursery, I don't know about you? It looks amazing. And next year I am going to need some help to get our garden started with the boxes.

Kaley and Dustin said...

Every time I leave a comment I am not logged in to our account sorry!! If there is even an unknown it's always me!

Nicole S. said...

I was going to write a post about our garden this week too. Isn't it crazy what a little sun and watering can do for such a small seed! Our is equally as out of control and I love it!

The nursery looks great! You've made so much more progress than me. In fact, this kind of makes me have a little freak out! haha