Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Parties!

With the new house, we have tried to have as many people over as possible! It has been so much fun having family and friends in our home. The day after Christmas we had the 2nd annual progressive dinner. We had appetizers at Jon & Julie’s in West Haven (north Ogden), then soup at our house, dinner at Dave & Amanda’s in South Jordan, and dessert at Ben & Becky’s in Lehi. IMG_4874 It was so fun to see everyone’s homes all Christmasy! And Dan’s brother and his family was visiting from Idaho so they were able to come too! It was a blast. IMG_4876 IMG_4877IMG_4875IMG_4879Last night (Monday), we had a bunch of friends over for a housewarming/holiday party! It was so fun to see our good friends from high school that we don’t get to see a lot. We have a blast when we all get together and we’re lucky to have such great friends!ThadBlueEyesMe and Thaddy pants! Have I mentioned that I love this kid?? Well I do. I played with the pic to show his blue eyes and cute shirt. I kept feeding him so he would love me :)IMG_4885a Matty is rockin’ the beard and long hair for a play. He looks great! IMG_4882 Dustin and Kaley brought us a quesadilla maker (thanks guys!) and we all made yummy quesadillas!IMG_4883 The boys are playing a finger running game on Dan’s itouch and yes, Dustin and Dallas are Mexi-spooning. Dusting is really touchy-feely like that.IMG_4884 Stevenson, Wendy, Matt and Brighton!IMG_4886 The cutey cute Monsen fam. Love them!IMG_4888

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Dan and Nicole said...

I was so sad that we couldn't come to your little party. It would have been fun to see everyone again and see your beautiful house in person. Looks like you all had fun!!