Sunday, December 27, 2009

It’s Over??

Well Christmas is over and I’m so sad about it. I was hoping Christmas wouldn’t come because I didn’t want it to be over! It seemed to go so fast this year but we still enjoyed it and had a great holiday with our families.2Christmas Eve was spent at Grandpa Goates’ house with a LOT of people! The little kids got pjs and they were so cute! The little girls in our family got tinkerbell and Addy and Sarah were ecstatic. It was so fun to watch them open them and realize what it was, then help them get changed and bounce around with excitement! 3Sarah was beside herself and just kept saying, “We got jammies!”. They were all so stinkin’ cute.  1IMG_4825 IMG_4823Dan and I had fun with the fam and we also celebrated Dan’s mom’s birthday! I made her a sweet photo book from MyPublisher with lots of pictures of the whole family. It was a hit and it was fun to show everyone all the cute pics I found!                                                                                       IMG_4855 IMG_4834Danny gets really really excited for Christmas as you can tell…and I got this cute headband!!


Even though Dan’s style is definitely not my style, I still love it and I try my best to just let him be and wear what he wants…He loves his “lumberjack jacket” as he calls it which is a sick old blue flannel jacket he’s had FOREVER! It’s too short on the sleeves and he wears it all the time. I found a new version for him this year and he loves it! Yay!


Dan and I slept at my parent’s house and we opened our present for each other first. He did great and got me a shoe rack, headband, hat, kitchen stuff, lotion and a mouse sander for my crafts!

IMG_4845 IMG_4841

We talked to Dan’s brother on his mission in Brazil then opened presents with my family. We got so many great gifts! I got black couch covers for our old living room couches, house decor, clothes, scentsy,  movies, and a lot more!                     IMG_4846IMG_4843IMG_4844  My mom bought herself a memory foam pillow with Michelle Obama modeling on the front. Weird. IMG_4847 IMG_4848

Steph got my dad a U of U snuggie! So awesome! IMG_4850 IMG_4852                                                     The best part of the gift giving was the last gift and it was for Dan. My parents got him an ipod touch! He wasn’t expecting it but wanted one so bad and was so excited! It was way awesome and he loves it! He also got a lot of other great gifts from my family!                                                 IMG_4859 IMG_4858

Christmas afternoon was at Dan’s house opening gifts with his family. His parents gave us a big folding table, tool set, and dish set. The little kids got cute gloves and candy canes.IMG_4871   Picture courtesy of a 3 yr old. I look stoned but I was just happy.               IMG_4864 IMG_4870  Grandpa managed to snooze amid the madness and Sarah was modeling this sweet fur hat for me. IMG_4878Christmas dinner was back with my family and the Thomases. We had a delicious dinner and had a ton of fun playing Mad Gab and Catch Phrase Music Edition. Steph was visiting for 5 whole days from Cedar (yay!). We had fun together and she came and slept over and hung out on Christmas night. Love my sis.IMG_4873 IMG_4872It was a fantastical Christmas and Dan and I were reminded again of how blessed we really are. We have wonderful loving families, many material things that we don’t need, our health, and most of all, the gospel! We are so grateful for our families, friends, our lives, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ.