Sunday, December 27, 2009

Homemade Christmas gifts!

I have been really into crafting a lot lately with the new house and having a lot more time on my hands! It has been really fun to ready all the great blogs out there and get some good ideas of easy crafts to try. So I gave a few homemade Christmas gifts this year that I think turned out really well!


I made these JOY blocks for Shelley and they were really easy. I just used GIMP (free version of Photoshop) to design the pages (using digital scrapbooking stuff). Then I printed them off at Sams Club. The hardest part was making the pages the correct size for the block! The block was 5” X 5.5” so I made the letter 5” X 5” and it worked great.


I spray painted and sanded each block then mod podged the letters on the front. I did a layer of mod podge over the top of the paper after it dried. Then I added a decorative furniture nail (looks just like a black tack) to each corner! That made a big difference and I think it turned out great!


I had the idea to do the letters BOO on the back of the blocks for Halloween too! I might make those for Shelley later!


I also made this cutie thing for Jon and Julie for part of their Christmas present. It took awhile because I was being really careful and not quite sure, but I love how it turned out! I got the idea here. It’s only about $2 for 8 feet of a 3.5” X 3.5” board, and Home Depot will cut them down for you!

IMG_4805 IMG_4803

I got a few cute scrapbook papers and mod podged them to the sides of the blocks with some cute family pictures on the front of the blocks. I mod podged over the top and the corners so the paper won’t peel off, then sanded and went around the corners with distressing ink. I connected the blocks with wire so it’s a little wobbly, but you can adjust it to look good! Now on to the next thing….


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