Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Running the Wasatch Back!

Well it’s the new year and I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of new years resolutions. I think that having goals and plans and resolutions are super and great and everyone should have them. But if there is something you want to do or not do or whatever, just set a goal and do it! Don’t wait or plan around the new year! Sounds easier than it really is, but I hate that there is so much focus about “new years resolutions”. Just set your own goals in your own time and work towards them! Right?? :) Anyway, with that said….Dan and I have decided to run in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay!

The Wasatch Back is a relay race with teams of 12 people who run from Logan to Park City in 24 hours. Each person has 3 legs of running, with each leg varying between 3 and 8 miles. It’s a total of 188 miles and goes through the mountains! It’s definitely not easy, but I’m glad we’re doing it.


It’s really really kind of scary for me, but we’re definitely going to do it! I have always been active and worked out, but running has never been my forte. We took a non-planned break from working out the past 2  months or so with the house hunting, moving, and holidays, but we are going to do the ragnar in June so we have to start training! It happens to be a good time to start with the beginning of the year and all that jazz.

Anyway, I’ll probably feel a lot like this:


Hopefully I don’t end up like this:


Maybe by June I’ll look like this:


Haha! I hope not! But it will definitely be good for us to get back into a routine and a good training schedule. I have planned out an entire schedule day by day to follow to get ready to run in June! I’m really excited to get stronger and in better shape and I think it will help my life in a lot of ways.

Who knows, maybe after we train for and run the Wasatch Back in June, we will be ready to tackle a marathon?? We’ll see….



Dan and Nicole said...

I also agree that anytime of the year you should make goals for yourself. I love that you and Dan are doing this together. I'm training for the Salt Lake half marathon and hope to do the Wasatch Back as well but I think training would be easier if I had someone to do it with (My Dan hates running). Good luck with the training!!

ShaNae said...

I did the Wasatch Back last year and during it I thought to myself that I was NEVER going to do it again.... But that night after I finished and I couldn't move from pure exhaustion I thought.. Hey that was fun, who's in next year? So I am signed up for this year too!! Good luck with the training! I need to start doing that... Maybe you could e-mail me your running schedule?

The Fauxes said...

Cool - and please don't turn into that lady though...there was something seriously wrong with her woman parts...sorry - everyone was thinking it and I just HAD to say it.