Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More holiday fun!

I still have a few more fun pictures from Christmas and New Years that I wanted to post. We were really busy and going back and forth to different families and parties and everything, but it was really fun! I’m sad that it’s over :( Warning: a lot of pictures ahead…IMG_4912            On New Year's Eve, we went to Dan’s aunt and uncle’s house with the Goates family. There were a bajillion people there, but a lot of good food and fun stuff to do. I almost stayed awake until midnight, and just took a power nap around 11! :)IMG_4894                   Playing a game…Mike is our handicapped brother. They were just being nice and letting him play.Collage2       Sarah and Ryan are the same size and Ryan is over 2 years younger! It’s so funny and Sarah is just so precious and funny and a smart little thing! She’s also a cheeser in pictures! We ended up playing in the dryer for a while.Collage3       They had rock band set up in the basement on the projector screen and it was a hit. The “grown up” boys played forever and were so loud! The kids also did really well at it and had fun. Dave had to help Emily with the guitar because she was too small.IMG_4892IMG_4907  Emily and Lissie are good friends and love to play together when Lissie is visiting from Idaho. They are really crazy when they get together!                IMG_4900                  Spencer and Brigham playing the Wii on a different TV! Brigham couldn’t tear his eyes away from the screen for a picture!IMG_4915            On New Year’s Eve day, Dan and I decided to take the “Idaho kids” to McDonalds! They were ecstatic and their parents were pretty happy to get a break too. It was really fun and they loved their toys in the happy meals! We had to make sure they ate instead of obsessing over the toys!IMG_4913 Showing off our yummy McDonalds lunch.IMG_4914  IMG_4918

On Sunday, we had our usual fast Sunday dinner with the immediate family. Grandpa Goates and the Hill Grandparents came and it was really cool to have everyone in our family there except for Jon in Brazil!  It was also very chaotic with about 30 people there (11 kids under the age of 7!), but very fun. Taylor came over wearing my shoes!




IMG_4927IMG_4920 IMG_4924                            Ryan loves to eat!IMG_4925      There is a little kids table, but we usually don’t have all the kids sitting there at once, and this time we squeezed 8 kids onto the little table! It was hilarious but it worked! IMG_4926  Collage4   Dessert! Taylor and Ryan (below) loved the treats and everyone made a big mess!Collage

IMG_4917           Me and Brig just chillin’. I loved him telling me all about his transformer toys. He makes up names for all of them and knows exactly what each character does. Some of the names were Purple Jaguar, Sword Face, and White Light. Pretty awesome.

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Dan and Nicole said...

How fun! I love that headband on you. There are some people who can pull them off so well and you are one of them. BTW how do you make your pictures with the circled edges?