Thursday, June 25, 2015


Ahh I’m getting behind and I can’t let that happen. Here are some things we did in April!


We drove to visit family in California with my mom. These two snoozed and played in the backseat and Owen barfed a few times, but luckily Dan was there to catch it. Sweet.


Owen LOVED my aunt and uncle's house (it is pretty awesome, we feel like we get so spoiled when we go). He loved Keith and Karen, and their dog Indy a lot. Unfortunately, he and I got the sickies and were both sick most of the short trip!


It was kind of the worst because we didn’t get to see my cousin and her new baby and Owen was banished to the bedroom, then when he was feeling better, I got sick. It was no good. Luckily we were both mostly better for an Easter egg hunt and dinner that night before we had to leave the next morning.


The construction next door kept Owen’s interest with tons of machines and various trucks coming and going all the time. It was very entertaining and I found him peeking out of his blinds numerous times to check out the excitement.



This little stud muffin looked adorable in his Easter outfit. He is the cutest.


We got a random big snowstorm in mid-April (not too surprising) and we had to go play! Owen loved it and doesn’t ever get cold, even with his gloves off.


It warmed right back up again and we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to check out the flowers one morning. He loved the fountains and it was nice to go see the beautiful temple with my cute boy.IMG_5175IMG_5184

We played with friends a lot and went to the Tulip Festival as well.


I forgot to lock Owen’s door before bed and he when he woke up, he just walked into my room looking like this! I about died laughing and it took him a second before he realized he wasn’t in trouble. He never gets out of bed and never tries getting out of his room, so it was just really funny that the one time he tried, the door wasn’t even locked.


We got a sweet play set for Owen and it arrived earlier that we thought, so Dan and I got it all set up in the middle of the backyard until we were ready to move it. Owen was so happy to have a “park” at his house, and the bucket swing was (and still is) his absolute favorite thing. He is in heaven and wants to be pushed as much as possible. Luckily dad is pretty awesome and will push him forever (mom is done after 10 mins…) April was a good one!

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