Friday, April 17, 2015


March started out with a snowstorm! It was kind of weird since we have had almost no snow, but we didn’t mind too much, and Owen loved playing in it! He “helped” me shovel the walks too.IMG_4925IMG_4922

There is an empty lot next to our house and they started building a house there! Owen has been in absolute heaven watching all the big equipment come and go. And I’ve been amazed at how fast the house is going up. It’s fun to watch and it will be nice to get new neighbors (with a little boy!) and be done with  the noise!IMG_4931IMG_4971

We regularly go outside and check out what they are doing and some of the workers have been so nice to let Owen sit on the equipment. He is basically in shock and doesn’t act that happy while he’s on it, but afterwards he doesn’t stop talking about it and asking to do it again.


I adore this picture of him with his legs crossed just watching the loader digging. And he knows all the names of all types of big equipment-backhoe, loader, excavator, cement truck, skid steer, etc. If you say it wrong, he will correct you!IMG_4988IMG_4957

My matching superman boys having a yummy dinner at Hires! Owen can pound an entire grilled cheese and several fries. He already eats like an adult man. I’m a little scared for our future grocery bills with these two!IMG_4986

We went to the “fishy store” (Scheels) with Steph and my mom and he loved riding the Ferris Wheel.IMG_4974

We also had dinner at Olive Garden with the fam for Steph’s bday. Owen is absolutely obsessed with Uncle Andrew and they are so super cute together.IMG_4984

Potty training continues and it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely on the right track. Grammy bought him this huge tractor and wagon for going #2 in the potty. It goes to time out when he has an accident and we still struggle with it, but it’s getting better!IMG_4951

At the end of the month, we went to Peterson Farm for an Easter egg hunt and breakfast. The lines were ridiculous and they were way understaffed but we still love the farm. IMG_5013

Owen got the hang of getting the eggs but he mostly just loved riding in the wagon while the tractor pulled us around!IMG_5010IMG_5011


Our poor yard is just a mess right now, but it’s getting better! We love this house but the yard was in terrible shape and we (Dan) have already done tons of work to it, but Dan finally had to cut out TONS of crabgrass and we started filling in the holes with sod. It is a crappy job, but we had to do it. Hopefully we put in a lot of work this summer and fall and then things will be a lot better and less work for next year! Fingers crossed…

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