Monday, March 30, 2015




Since winter was basically nonexistent this year, we were able to go to the “horsie farm” at Thanksgiving Point and ride the horses. Owen was in heaven and we have since gone back a lot just for the horsie ride.IMG_4827

We also played at the park and went to Airborne Trampoline Park with some friends. It was super fun and a great deal if you go on Tuesday afternoons!


Driving cars/tractors/vehicles is pretty much all we do around here and Owen loves it. Dumping dirt and scooping it up again was enough to keep  him busy for quite a while!


Before bed one night, Owen put his blanket on his head and ran full speed into the wall! It was way sad and a little scary because this massive goose egg formed literally 10 seconds later. It was huge, but he was fine and it was gone in a few days!



The matching superman shirts are awesome. Owen loves having the same shirt as Dan and makes him put it on as much as possible. I caught these cute boys just chillin in the same pose watching TV together! They are the cutest!


We were able to do an adults only dinner with the Hill family at Buca di Bepo to celebrate Christmas. It was really nice to get together without kids and we have a lot of fun.


We started potty training at the end of February and I was pretty terrified. But I wanted to get it done before summer and I wanted to give it a really good effort to see if he could do it. He is a little young, but 6 weeks later, I can say we are good! There were a few days where I wanted to die and give up, and I almost did, but we pushed through and things are pretty good now. I know it is a process, but we have very few accidents these days and I’m so excited about it! Plus, little chubby legs in undies is the cutest thing ever!IMG_4904

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