Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas and Owen’s pictures

Christmas was really fantastic this year. We woke up excited to open presents and Owen had a pretty decent understanding of Santa and opening gifts, so he tore into his presents pretty quickly. The hardest part was having to wait while we opened them so he could play with them!


It was also pretty confusing to him to get a gift and then have to set it aside and open another one. He wanted to just play with it right now!


Dan insisted Owen get a big dump truck because every boy needs one. And Owen has loved it. It was a great purchase by dad.


Santa brought him an awesome train set and I spent some time setting up a pretty sweet track.


Owen loved (and still loves) it!


My family came over around 10, which was a new thing for us. Since we live closer, we decided to have cinnamon rolls at my house and open presents then! It turned out to be great and Owen got totally spoiled by my family!IMG_4603IMG_4627IMG_4629

Steph and Andrew got him a sweet basketball hoop and he loves dunking it.


We all exchanged gifts and had fun playing with our stuff for a while. My family left and Owen went down for a nap and it started to snow! We had no snow all year and we got a good few inches on Christmas day! It was miraculous!


We stopped by Honey and Papa’s house after Owen’s nap then headed to Dan’s parent’s house for food and more gifts. It was total mayhem but super fun as always.


A few days after Christmas, we had Christmas dinner with my side of the family so we could all be there. It was at my mom’s house and lots of fun to have 4 little kiddos running around this year!



We got Owen’s 2 year old pictures after Christmas and they turned out amazing. He is the cutest thing ever and I can’t believe what a big boy he is! We just love him so much and love how much joy he brings to us and our families!


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He. Is. Handsome. Oh he's adorable!!!