Friday, January 16, 2015


December was busy and full of fun. After Christmas was over, Dan and I looked back and realized what a great holiday season we had. We did a lot of festive things, spent a lot of time with family, and made some good memories together.

Owen loves to rock his sunglasses in the car and he looks pretty dang cute.



We went to temple square in mid-December when it was literally in the 60s during the day. We went with Mike and Hailey (Owen’s favorite person on earth). He wouldn’t let go of her hand, and insisted she push him in his stroller. It wasn’t like she was pregnant and had a 2 year old to chase around or anything…IMG_4473

Owen’s little friend Kameron finally started nursery and they held hands the whole walk to nursery that day and it was adorable. We love Kameron (and Michelle and Landon). They have become some really good friends in our neighborhood.


We had the 7th annual Hill Family Progressive Dinner and it was a success. We were only able to go to about half the houses and it still took a loooong time, but it was lots of fun, as usual!


Stickers are one of my tactics we use to get through Sacrament meeting.


Playing “choo-choos” with his cousins, Ryan and Matt.


I was able to get together with some of my girlfriends while my dear friend Shelley was in town visiting from Texas. It was super fun to just chat with no kids (Dan brought Owen home to put him to bed!) and we laughed a lot.


The Peterson Farm is right by our house and we just love it. We went with my  mom and rode a fun wagon pulled by the tractor. Owen was in heaven and got to ride on some of the tractors around the farm. They also had a cute Santa and Mrs. Clause FOR FREE and there was NO LINE. I was so happy but Owen wasn’t super interested. He wouldn’t sit on his lap, but he was fine talking to him and giving him high five. Maybe next year…


He also got to feed the cute little goats!


We went to temple square with Dustin, Kaley and Reese. Reese just really wanted to be in our picture and I love how it looks like we have twins. Those two are pretty darling together and have become good friends since we take turns watching kids each month so we can go to the temple.IMG_4559

We saw the “Tree of Life” in Draper and it was really awesome. We weren’t planning on it and it was freezing and super busy, but very cool. Owen wanted to run and of course we had no coat for him, so he threw a fit when we left.


Dan picked up this bad boy right before Christmas and he couldn’t be happier. He plays at work all the time so now we can practice together. I love ping pong and we’ve already had a lot of fun playing.


Owen’s birthday was the 23rd and we had a family party on the 21st. A lot of people made it and it was super fun. We just had lots of treats and ran around, but it was a blast. Owen got lots of great presents and he loved playing with all his cousins!


We also sang to Ryan and Ryan was so cute to let Owen try to blow out the candles before he did. Love these boys!


On Owen’s real birthday, we met my mom and Shelley and her cute kids at Chick Fil A. We love that place and afterwards, Shelley and kids came to play at our house for a while.


We gave Owen his presents and he got this cool easel and lots of art supplies from Ikea. It has been a hit so far, but we have yet to bust out the painting supplies!IMG_4590

We sure love this little cutie and we can’t believe he has been around for two years already! He is so much fun and we just love life with him!

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