Friday, June 26, 2015


It finally started warming up towards the end of May (except for a super warm week or two in April), and we were ready for summer. Owen still loves all kinds of machines and big trucks, and he knows all the different names of them. Don’t call them all tractors or he will correct you. My mom bought him this loader shirt and he was stoked that it matched his little toy loader.IMG_5201IMG_5220

Mother’s Day was great and Dan bought me 6 pounds of cherry jelly bellys! I have really been craving them (even though I always love them). I was pretty shocked, but Owen and I managed to pound them all over the next few weeks!


We spent a lot of time playing at the museum, the farm, and the aquarium with friends before it got super warm. Owen absolutely loves riding the horses, so we just go to the farm and ride them and ride the wagon, then go over to the children’s museum. He and Myka were dancing in the dress up clothes and cracking us up.


These two cousins are pretty cute. We play with them a lot and we have a little group of us that play a lot together. Weston is about 5 months younger than Owen and they just have a blast together. They get a little crazy when toys or trucks are around, but if we keep the toys away, they are super cute and fun together.


We had a Memorial Day BBQ at Danny’s aunt’s house in South Jordan and Great Grandpa Goates pushed Owen for quite a while!


My mom and sister and I had a girls weekend in St. George and it was a blast. I left Owen home and it was nice to just relax with my mom and sis. We ate a lot, saw a movie, and went to the temple together.IMG_5297

Our neighbor finally got the retaining wall done (after some drama…ugh) so we could bring in gravel and finish the playground area. Dan’s parents and our awesome neighbor helped haul gravel to the backyard and I raked it and we got it almost completely done in an evening! It looks awesome and Owen loves his “park” and the neighbor kids spend a lot of time back there too. The gravel has been great so far and really fun for Owen to dig and play in.


One of our first splash pad days with Owen’s girlfriends. Elsie and Kameron are cuties and we have fun playing with them a lot.


We took flowers to my dad’s grave for Memorial Day and I brought the Grandpa Mike book I made Owen a while ago with pictures of my dad. I didn’t realize Dan took this picture, but I kind of love it. Owen knows exactly who Grandpa Mike is and we talk about him a lot. I hope he always knows about him too!


I love this cutie pie and I love all the fun things we get to do together during the day. I don’t have many pictures of Dan this month, but that’s probably because we just play when dad gets home and I don’t worry about pictures as much! But Dan gets home around 4:30 most days and it’s awesome! Owen can’t wait and everything is just more fun when dad gets home!

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Shell said...

SUch a good month! I'm trying to play catch up before we come! Yay for blogging!