Tuesday, October 28, 2014


September was another goodie and now October is almost done and I am just writing this…oh well. We celebrated my Dad’s birthday at the beginning of the month and went to dinner at Hires. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures, but with a 2 year old around, you barely have time to eat!

IMG_4066 We went to the state fair and my mom joined us. It was pretty fun, but Owen wasn’t happy about sitting in his stroller so Dan mostly held him the whole time. He did like the animals a lot and it was fun to see all the “interesting” people!IMG_4058 IMG_4061 Dan wore his buffalo shirt and got a turkey leg. He fit right in! Below Owen wanted to ride the horses, but freaked out when it actually came time to ride and he wouldn’t get on! We were ticked that we paid $5 but Dan is a champ and asked for our money back and they gave it to us! Hurray!

IMG_4063 We took a few trips up the canyon to enjoy the pretty colors and Owen had fun throwing rocks.

IMG_4037 IMG_4030 IMG_4035 I sure love these cute boys of mine.

IMG_4036 Owen found Dan’s hat and put it on and surprisingly left it on for quite a while! It was really cute.

IMG_3987 Owen loves to lay on our bed and will lay by me with a book while I read. He doesn’t hold still for long, but I love that he loves books!



We had several dump trucks full of topsoil delivered to our house, along with a ton of gravel. It was the day of our neighborhood party which was in our circle, so our dirt pile became the entertainment for the kids! We didn’t mind, but I felt bad for the parents who had filthy kids to clean up! Dan also borrowed a skid skeer to move the rocks and dirt and Owen was in heaven! My mom took him Saturday and we worked our butts off and got tons done. It was such hard work and so hot, but our yard looks amazing! We added gravel on the side for a parking strip, and raised up all our garden beds with topsoil.


We went up the canyon with some KFC and roasted s’mores. We didn’t realize that we had to reserve the sites at this place, and the lady made us pay 20 bucks to have a fire for a few hours! We were ticked, but the fire was still fun.

IMG_4140 Owen loved throwing rocks in the river! I can’t remember if it was on this trip up the canyon, but he barfed on the way home. He gets carsick like me, yay! Our most recent carsick adventure was driving 15 minutes to my in-laws and he puked right before we got there. Grossest ever. Poor kid.


I love these two pictures. Owen just takes off wherever we go and loves to explore everything. He is so much fun!

IMG_4147 We have been going to story time at the library almost every week and Owen loves it! The first time he was a little hesitant, but now he loves Tami, and knows the words to the songs. It is so cute and fun and I love going with him.

IMG_4132 The picture below is really dark but I love it. Dan took it without me knowing and I was reading to Owen before bed. He was sitting on my legs and listening really carefully to the story. I think the book was “Owen” and it’s adorable and about a little mouse named Owen who loves his blanket (very familiary!). He loves it and is getting so big and will listen to books a lot now. He will ask to rock a bye with mommy and wants me to read to him.


Owen loves taking baths in the “tubby” and of course has to bring half his toys with him. I let him take things that won’t get ruined and I was laughing when he started drinking water from his tractor. Funny kid.

IMG_4162 He had two big falls on the same day and scratched up his face and got a goose egg on his forehead. It looked like he was in a car accident or something! He got a lot of pity from people and he was fine, but it was sad to see his cute face scraped up!


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