Monday, December 1, 2014


This is way late, but I’m not giving up on blogging! October was lots of fun and we started with pumpkin painting with Steph, my mom, and Steph’s good friend Courtney. We did it during priesthood session and it was lots of fun! I’m the least creative person ever, and I have no patience for crafty things, but the food and company was worth it! The next day we had some of Dan’s family over for conference and lunch since his parents usually host conference and they were out of town. We have been able to spend so much more time with family now that we live close and we just love it. We have had people over to our house a lot and it’s awesome!

IMG_4212 The next weekend Dan and I took off to Bear Lake for a weekend alone! The only trip alone we’ve had since having Owen was Ragnar and that DEFINITELY doesn’t count. Not romantic, and not relaxing whatsoever! So we were excited, and we left Owen in good hands with Grandma Debbie the first day and with Grandma Nae Nae for the next two!


We took our time driving up and stopped at Nordstrom Rack (Dan’s dream come true!) and Sportsman’s Warehouse (my dream come true!) on the way. We had dinner at Firehouse in Logan (oh the memories!). That place is good and Logan in general just left me flooded with so many memories. I absolutely love that place and I felt so nostalgic when we drove around. It has been a while since we were there and I just had so many memories of fun times at school with friends and then getting engaged and being there with Dan. It was wonderful.

  We stayed at a condo about 1/2 mile from the Bear Lake marina. It was right by the cabin we stayed at with my family last summer. It was really nice and spacious and a great price. It was so awesome to just relax together and not worry about chasing Owen (although we love him!). We watched some football, I read my book, we ate yummy food, and sat in the hot tub! It was basically perfect!


On Saturday we went for a long drive to Bloomington Lake. I had been there in college with some friends and it was awesome, so we decided to check it out again. The drive was really long up the canyon, but it was beautiful and we loved it! I didn’t get car sick, so I was a happy camper. We finally made it to the lake after a short hike and it didn’t disappoint! Dan loved it and it was just gorgeous and so peaceful. Dan was itching to swing on the rope swing into the water, but it was a little chilly for that!


My mom sent plenty of pictures of this cutie and his new dump truck (he’s only slightly spoiled…). He was in heaven! We face timed with him once and my mom said he got a little homesick once or twice, but he did really well and we knew he was in good hands. My cousin blessed his baby in Hyrum on Sunday so we met the family at the blessing and picked up Owen. It worked out perfectly and we had a great time and we so happy to see our cute boy again!


There is a great farm near our house and we took a few trips to the pumpkin patch so Owen could drive the tractors. He was absolutely ecstatic, despite this picture. He would literally sit there all day if we let him!

photo 1(4)

More construction equipment for this kid. He has quite a collection of tractors and construction equipment and driving it in the dirt was pretty much perfection for him!


Dan and I had a shared family dinner eating Thai food. It was DELICIOUS and very fun. My sister even brought yummy cupcakes! We also said goodbye to my Grandma Phyllis about a week after this, as she moved to Idaho to live with her daughter. Having her around the past few years was really nice and I loved getting to know her more and seeing her with Owen was really awesome for us. We will miss her!


This is Owen’s favorite thing to do and this picture is the best. He loves to sit by the wall and eat “cracker bears” or “cracker monkeys” with dad. He adores Dan and just wants to copy everything that he does! I love them so much!


Halloween was a blast and the weekend before we did a trunk or treat with my mom’s ward, which was great. Owen got the hang of saying “Trick or Treat” and he was ready for the real thing the next week! I actually dressed up this year and I was pretty proud of mine and Owen’s home made no-sew costumes!

photo 2(4)       Owen freaked out when I put his costume on, but I didn’t give up and eventually he gave up the fight and just wore it! He looked adorable and we went to Danny’s brother’s neighborhood in South Jordan for trick or treating. Owen did great and got lots of good candy!


His cousins were adorable to help him and wait for the littler kids like Owen and Weston. We did more houses than I expected, then headed back to enjoy some treats and visit with family while the older kids kept going.

IMG_4333   I got lots of great presents (but no pictures!) for my birthday and it was another awesome day. Dan and I went to dinner at Market Street Grill (heaven!) and did some shopping as well. I can’t wait to see what another year brings for me!

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