Friday, September 12, 2014


We started August by FINALLY going to the temple together! We haven’t been in a long time and we are working on switching with some friends every month so we can go more often! We have never been to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and it was gorgeous. I’m so glad we got to go!


I just really love this picture of my cute boy laying on my bed. Love him.


Owen managed to get the camera turned on while playing with my phone in the car and took a jillion selfies. He loved the shutter/clicker sound and I had to keep a few of the cute pics he took of himself!


We love jumping on the tramp around here and I love that these pictures show our awesome fence that Dan put up! He did it all by himself (with some help from his dad) and it looks great! He worked so hard in the heat and got it up quickly so that we didn’t lose our home insurance (tramp with no fence = no coverage boo!). We love it and it’s so nice to send Owen back there and know that he can’t escape! We have an empty lot next to us so it’s going to be nice when someone builds there as well.


Cute boys at church! Owen has been a bit of a pill in nursery so that has been a struggle. But I know it’s totally normal, so we are working on it!IMG_3914

This kid is OBSESSED with driving anything and everything. He loves to pretend to drive things and will sit in a car or truck for hours driving if we let him. He recently started saying “drivin’ the library”! I love how he has started to pretend! He was in heaven when we went to Home Depot and they had riding mowers out front. Taking him off was another story…IMG_3918

I got to go to the season opener U of U game with Julie and Everett and we had a blast. I almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad that I did! I got a bit teary walking into that stadium and thinking about the hundreds of games we attended while growing up. My dad was a HUGE fan and I couldn’t stop thinking of him the whole night. I even parked on the street he grew up on! He would have loved it and I’m so glad I got to cheer on my Utes!

IMG_3952   On Labor Day weekend, we went to Rockport again with some of Dan’s family. We didn’t camp but spent the afternoon there. Some kids were blowing huge bubbles and it was really fun to watch them.


Owen did WAAAY better than when we were there on the 4th of July. It was nice and hot in the afternoon and he loved playing in the mud and water. He didn’t care to ride the waverunners, but had a blast digging and playing with his cousins.

IMG_3966 These two just chillin after church one day. Owen just adores Danny and follows him everywhere. Dan is such a good dad and plays with Owen as much as possible. They are just the best ever and it’s amazing how two people can be my entire life. I love them and I’m so glad I have them both! What a lucky lady I am!


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