Friday, May 9, 2014


April was fun and exciting as we started having some really warm days and getting a feel for summer around the corner! We started the month by listing our home for sale. We decided to list by owner and see what happened. We felt like we had some resources to help us with questions (Dan’s boss at work was hugely helpful, as well as our lender and our brother in law), and we did a lot of research as well. We did a lot of work to get it done and we posted it on KSL, Zillow, Facebook, etc. We emailed a bunch of realtors and of course, got tons of calls from realtors wanting to list it (I REALLY don’t like 99% of realtors ugh!). After 2 weeks of a little interest, we decided to lower the price because we knew it was a bit high. We dropped the price a bit and had a ton of interest, and ended up getting 2 offers in one day! It was basically the dream situation and we were able to get over asking price! We are now under contract and planning to move May 31! We will move to my mom’s house while we search for our new home. Exciting, but very bittersweet. I adore this house and it is perfect for us. The neighborhood and ward are exceptional and I am terrified I will never find this again. Hopefully Heavenly Father has big plans for us somewhere else and I will work on trusting Him!


We spent a good amount of time outside since that is Owen’s constant goal-to get outside. He is obsessed and constantly asking to go outside (with a lisp). Our adorable back neighbors Mia and Lou love to play with Owen and we painted with water a few times and it was a huge hit. The girls did it for a long time and painted everything in site. Owen enjoyed splashing and sucking on his wet (and dirty) paintbrush Smile.


We went to the park in Hooper and the wood chips were one of Owen’s favorite things. Although he did love the swing and going down the slide face first.


We got a sweet attachment for my bike so we can bring Owen on bike rides. I was beyond excited to get it and Owen loved it! We used to ride our bikes all the time and didn’t at all last year because Owen was too small and we didn’t want a trailer. So this was a great idea and it really works great. I love having Owen right up by me and he is so in love with being outside and looking at everything. It’s a blast.


He makes a lot of messes and when he pulled my placemat with a glass of milk on to the floor, we just laughed. Until we realized that he is allergic to milk and was covered in it! Eek. We rushed him to the bathroom and everything was a-okay. Except our rug, which is now permanently a bit wrinkled.


Owen loves to play the piano and he will sing to me. It’s the cutest thing ever to see him learn how to make his voice move around like he’s singing a song!


We got two injuries on one day. Owen got pinkeye (still not sure how) and a scratched face. The pinkeye wasn’t very bad, and went away in one day with drops. The scratched face was a result of going down the slide on 4 year old Mia’s lap and face-planting into the grass. He didn’t even cry, just ran away from Mia!


We had an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Hills’ house. Owen didn’t get it but he had fun running around with the kids.



He also loved his sucker and playing in Grandma’s fountain is always the favorite activity for all of the kids under age 5.



Adorable Easter outfit! He wouldn’t hold still for a picture so this was the best I could get!


Dad’s picture is much better than mine but I still love it. Owen looks so mad to be taking another picture!


Another exciting event was a broken foot. I was holding Owen on my hip and slipped going down the stairs for some weird reason. I landed right on his foot and broke it. Worst mom ever. I have never slipped on any stairs before and I feel so terrible. He hasn’t seemed too bothered by it, but it has been an eventful week. He got a real cast on a few days ago and it annoys him, but he is starting to walk in it more and we will hopefully get it off in just 2 more weeks!


We had a BBQ at my mom’s house for her birthday. We also went to St. George the weekend before, but I’ll do another post on that. The weather was great for the BBQ and we enjoyed eating on mom’s awesome deck. The dinner was also amazing!


Birthday donut tower!


Owen had fun playing in Grandma’s dirt and getting filthy. His little cast was a mess too, but I was glad he was happy.


We are really sad to leave our neighborhood for a lot of reasons, but one big reason is the Laws family. Rebecca watches Owen on Mondays and her kids adore him. Josh is the cutest and they had matching superman shirts on last week. Owen loves their kids and it is one of the only times he doesn’t even blink when I leave him. He always has fun and her older girls are so good with him. And Rebecca used cloth diapers with her kids so she does it with Owen too! Bonus! I don’t think we can ever replace the Laws!


Owen got a new hard cast which has been good because the other cast situation was really not working and it wouldn’t stay on his foot. But it is hard for him to walk in this and he keeps pulling off the little shoe. Bathing is also an adventure, but hopefully it looks good in 2 weeks and we can get it off for good!IMG_3042IMG_3033

These curls! We have only trimmed the front part (his bangs?) but we haven’t cut it at all and I don’t know if we ever will! The curls are so awesome thanks to his dad. Hopefully he always had them!

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