Tuesday, May 27, 2014

St. George girls trip (plus Owen)

My mom and sister and I went to St. George a few weekends ago for a quick trip. We got a hotel room with two rooms so it made it a lot easier to bring Owen along! The drive was pretty long for such a quick trip, and the weather was terrible, but we still had lots of fun! Owen wouldn’t sleep in the crib so he ended up in bed with me. I kind of loved cuddling with him all night (but we won’t be doing that at home anytime soon!)


It was probably around 60 degrees and rainy on Saturday so we were all kind of ticked about that. But we found a park and when it wasn’t raining, we played with Owen and he loved it.


Owen had lots of fun with Grandma and Auntie Steph and he really loves them a lot!


We also went to the children’s museum which was pretty great. I highly recommend it if you go to St. George and the weather isn’t great or just if you have time. Owe is pretty young, but he still loved it and there were a jillion kids there because of the rain.


There were several different rooms and lots to do. He was in love with the shopping cart and just wanted to push it around everywhere.


Owen is absolutely in love with dogs and says “puppies” about 1 million times per day. He almost died of happiness when he saw this life-sized Dalmatian. He was frantically trying to pick it up and carry it but it was bigger than he was so he kept falling. But he was just saying puppies over and over. It was great.


He also loved the computer. I think he must watch me type a lot because he knew exactly what to do and was moving his little fingers super fast on the keyboard and kept sliding the mouse around, just like I do! It was adorable.



Like I said, he slept with me and we both slept really well. He was taking a nap and I was laying by him and he woke up for a bit and crawled on top of me then fell back to sleep. He is hilarious. When I moved him, he was cuddling in the position above. He is just the cutest.



Not the best picture of me, but one picture I got at Pizza Factory. It was delish, but Owen didn’t feel like sitting in his chair so we wandered around the place!

We had a fun trip together and I just love hanging out with my mama and sissy! And Owen of course!

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Shell said...

Looks like a fun trip! Cute little Owen, What a sweetheart! Can't wait to see both of you soonsies!