Wednesday, April 2, 2014


March started with a fun bridal shower for my new sister in law at Danny’s aunt’s awesome house in Bountiful. She is the owner of Layers Cakes and she has an amazing kitchen/work space that was added on to her house just for her cake making! She is incredible and can make the most awesome creations and she is pretty famous too!


We got to go to her house and we had a cake decorating competition. We split into teams and decorated cakes and Danielle picked a winner. Look at how awesome the kitchen is with the white cabinets, and checkered floors!


I love the lights and black counters too. The whole place is awesome and we had lots of fun with the cake making.


Danielle watched while holding Annabelle. You can see the cool office area behind her where Julie meets with clients.


Unfortunately our team didn’t win the giant check…but it was still a blast!


With the crazy March weather, we have had lots of time to spend outside. Owen is obsessed with going outside and will just stare out the windows and say “outside” over and over. He would stay out there all day if I let him. He loves to push his walker around and check out the horses and dogs and everything else around here.


Our good family friend had a baby shower at my mom’s house and I helped with it. It was in the morning so we had breakfast casseroles and yummy breakfast food. It was mustache theme and Mayce had a ton of cute decorations.


Owen and Emmy were checking out my mom’s drawers. She is the tiniest and cutest little thing!


Our other good family friend got hitched and we got to go to the ceremony, wedding dinner, and reception. The temple was amazing and the weather cooperated at the temple. Below is the only picture I have from all those festivities.


Owen figured out how to climb on things…dangerous but he hasn’t fallen yet.


We had a birthday party for Grandpa Hill and Owen was very interested in the balloons.


I love all these babies! There is actually one more who wasn’t in a high chair and they are just so cute and funny together.


Danny’s little brother also got hitched to Danielle (yay!) and we had a fun wedding dinner the night before.


My mom is awesome and came to the temple to watch Owen during the ceremony and we almost froze during pictures. It was sunny and beautiful but COLD. Owen just wanted to crawl everywhere, so we were more than ready to be done at the temple after pictures!


The reception was at Noah’s which I LOVE. Her colors were lilac and gray and everyone looked awesome. This is a bad picture from my phone, but these are all the grandkids with grandma and grandpa and Jon. There are 18 of them! It is the best!


Owen looked adorable in his suspenders and purple bow tie. He was practicing his walking all over the place (and falling everywhere too).


I love these handsome boys.


Owen was obsessed with Papa and just wanted to sit by him and be held by him. It was darling and made me so happy that he has an awesome Papa and so sad that he doesn’t get to see his other Papa.


The last exciting news was that was listed our house a few days ago! We are doing it by owner we have put in a ton of work the past few weeks and months to get it ready. We have made some updates and de-cluttered and cleaned every single inch of this place. We hope that it will sell quickly and then we are hoping to move to the South Jordan/Riverton area. We just want to be closer to our families and work and it feels like all we do is drive. I am so sad to leave because we have an awesome house that I adore. It works perfectly for us and we love our neighborhood and ward and everything about this except that it’s too far from family! I’m sure everything will work out for the best!

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