Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Owen’s Blessing Day

We blessed Owen last Sunday (April 14) and it was wonderful! We had tons of family and friends and it was such a special day that I will always cherish. Owen is basically old enough to walk now but we have been out of town and with the freezing weather, we didn’t bring him to church for a while. So we finally got him blessed!


He looked pretty adorable in his cute outfit and when we got to church, he was a little fussy because he was way past his naptime so I was worried he would scream during the whole blessing. But he calmed right down and Andrew said he just stared at Dan during the whole blessing. Precious.


Afterwards we had everyone over to our house for food. We had Dunford Donuts, Costco muffins, yogurt, granola, fruit, juice and milk. Dan has such a huge family so I was worried about how much to have, but it worked out really well. We had some extra muffins and yogurt but nothing we couldn’t finish off later that week!


My sister’s camera takes blurry pictures sometimes so just pretend it’s clear. But we moved some furniture to make the room more open and it worked out pretty well even with all the people in our house!


Four generations of Hill men! I love it. They all look so much alike too, it makes me happy!


Another blurry picture above, but Dustin and Kaley came with cutie pie Reese (Owen’s future wife). She is two months older but Owen could crush her with his hugeness. I’m not sure where his chin  went, but he is a chunker and she is a skinny little thing. Can’t wait to be in laws with the Waites!


We did a little photo shoot before church since I knew Owen probably wouldn’t be in the mood after church!


Auntie Steph loves Owen to death. She may stress out every time he breathes wrong and be afraid to change diapers, but Owen is lucky to have her!


Grandma and Andrew


Luckily the weather was good enough that the gaggle of kids could run outside. I was so glad! It was still pretty chilly but the sun was shining and they were able to run wild!


I really love this baby.


The above picture cracks me up. Owen looks so much like an old man with this funny smile!


We had a great day and we were so grateful for our amazing family and friend who came all the way to our home to see Owen get blessed. I’m so glad that Dan honors his priesthood and he could give Owen such a wonderful blessing from Heavenly Father. I have such a wonderful life and I can’t wait to see what the future brings with my sweet husband and baby boy!


Nicole S. said...

The shorts version of that blessing outfit is so cute! What a wonderful day!

We really should plan a dinner or something at one of our houses and let our boys "play" together!

Shell said...

Um, I could just squeeze his chubbines...I LOVE it! All of his faces and smiles are to DIE FOR. I want to eat him. I'm so glad it all went well. He looked darling in his handsome outfit!

Lanea Sampson said...

The day was perfect, the blessing was perfect and of course, Owen is perfect!! Love you all. ps-the picture of Owen as "an old man" looks a little like Grandpa Seth when he took his teeth out! (hee, hee)

Mona said...

Haley & Danny,
So sorry we missed the big event. I didn't even think of it! I remembered seeing it on Facebook and should have written it down. Your Mom should have reminded me. You know - I'm older than her!
Looks like you had a big crowd! Owen looks adorable and is growing so much! I feel so bad we missed it.
Mona & Kelly