Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graduation and family fun

At the beginning of May Dan graduated with his MBA from USU! Technically, he still had a few more weeks of classes (so annoying to fake graduate!), but he is basically done! This is such an amazing accomplishment and I’m beyond proud of him! He also got a big promotion at work, and he did it much faster than anyone else has at his company. I think he’s pretty awesome.

If you know Dan at all, you know that he doesn’t really click with school. He doesn’t love it (that’s an understatement) and he basically fought the entire time. BUT he knows that it’s super important and he just wanted to get it all done as fast as possible! When we got married 5 years ago, he had 6 credit hours total. We have been on this road for a while and it has been long at times, but he has stuck with it and now we are DONE!

pictures 110

This picture was our first day of school (Dan’s first day of college ever) back in 2008 at USU before we were married. We are so little and cute.


The graduation itself was basically awful and long and we all wanted to stab our eyes out after 2 hours…then 3 hours….my baby wasn’t loving his life either, but between both grandmas and grandpa, they took turns walking with him and he slept a bit. He actually did great considering everything.

pictures 116

Love the parents for supporting us! I went with a comfortable outfit and I’m glad I did. We had to walk up a hill after parking and carrying my baby and a diaper bag (mom helped a lot!) would not have been fun in uncomfortable heels or a short skirt! We saw some other moms trekking up the steep hill in Logan with babies in their arms and I was so glad I dressed that way and that I had Owen in the Bjorn! There was also a mom with 5 inch heels on and she walked up and down the arena steps with her baby during the ceremony and she looked like she wanted to die. She was close to falling down the stairs a few times and I was afraid for her child’s life quite honestly.

pictures 114

My baby isn’t tired at all…he stares into space when he is tired. What a sweet baby. And a sweet Dad!


Before graduation, I came upstairs to see these beautiful flowers and this beautiful blue box waiting for me! I couldn’t believe my eyes and I didn’t even care to open the box! I was just so surprised and excited! Dan bought me a gorgeous bracelet from Tiffany’s! He said it was because of my patience and support of him over the years while he went through school. Wow. I was seriously shocked and so excited! I love my bracelet and love that boy even more!


Owen has the chubbiest thighs EVER! He is definitely not hungry…I seriously want to eat these legs!


Dan is really the best dad. Owen just adores him and I know Owen loves me too but when Dan talks to him or plays with him, Owen giggles and smiles so much. It is the sweetest thing ever and I just love watching them together. It brings me so much happiness!


We have finally been able to get out and walk lately and Owen loves being outside and he really likes the Bjorn. He is a heavy kev (17 pounds!) so  wearing him is a lot better than holding him and he loves to look around. Another bonus is that when he spits up, Dan just has to lean forward and it splatters on the ground instead of all over them! Love it!


My mama had a birthday a few weeks ago and we had fun celebrating with her. Another reason to celebrate is that she had another successful scan and is still cancer free! Hooray!


She is a pretty cute grandma to Owen and he loves to cuddle up to her. It’s pretty precious to watch.


Owen doesn’t love to be held and he usually prefers to lay on the ground and kick his legs and play, but he sat on my moms porch and rocked with her for quite a while last week.


We had some of Dan’s family over for a BBQ and fire and it was really fun to get together and roast s’mores!


This little guy is growing and growing. He was 27inches and 16 lbs 13 oz at his 4 month appointment! He is really big and healthy and we are loving every second of our lives with him. Can’t wait for summer fun!


Amy said...

How exciting to be done! Congrats you two! That's a big fat deal.

I love rolly polly baby thighs!

Kelsie said...

Congrats Dan! Haley- Owen is so adorable! We need to get together soon so our babies can meet and be friends!

Ben and Becky said...

We totally recognize those thighs! We've seen them twice before...