Friday, April 5, 2013



We are so excited that Spring is here! The nice weather has been awesome and I think Owen is a little confused about what the sun is since he really hasn’t been outside most of his little life. But we are changing that and enjoying the beautiful weather!LxCr

Owen is growing and doing awesome. He is a really big kid and I think he weighs about 19 pounds now! We will see at his next appointment in a few weeks but he is just really long and big. He is super happy and constantly smiling and cooing. He almost never cries for no apparent reason and as long as he is fed and comfortable, he is the happiest camper. He is kind of like me and needs some of his own space. He doesn’t like to cuddle and just likes to chill on the floor so he can wiggle and play.



I went back to work a few weeks ago and it was hard. Reallllly hard. I knew it would be, but I didn’t fully grasp it until that morning when we were getting ready to go and then when I dropped him off. I cried a lot and think about him constantly. My awesome neighbor is watching him and luckily it’s only on Mondays and Wednesdays. I work from home the rest of the time and I’m so glad I have such an amazing job to be able to do that. My neighbor has 3 little kids and I love that Owen can be around them. She texts me and tells me how he is doing which helps a ton! He has been really good for her and Dan is able to pick him up early and feed him and put him down for a nap before I get home. The pic below was when I got home the first day I went back to work. I missed my baby!


We had a fun Easter with our families. On Saturday, the Hills had an Easter Egg hunt with almost the whole clan. We missed Joe (in Bulgaria) and Ben, Becky, Addy and Mia (in Mongolia). But everyone else was there for the chaos! 14 kids, including 3 was a party. Luckily it was warm and the kids can run wild outside.


Owen slept through the hunt, but we collected some of his eggs and obviously he loved them. Haha.


After church on Sunday, we went for a long drive and Owen and I took naps in the car! We had a delicious dinner with my family. Easter is like my Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving dinner, but I LOVE Easter food! It didn’t disappoint. My mom got us all cute little Easter baskets and of course Owen got spoiled. I totally forgot to take a picture but he got the cutest little outfit and basket!


Owen is the main attraction, obviously!


The picture above is when I got him up from a nap. He smiles like that every time he gets up and he is just a happy boy! He is on a really great schedule (thanks to Babywise!) and he takes several long naps during the day, and sleeps all night long! Sometimes he wakes up at 5ish and I give him just a little to eat but then he goes back to sleep and our normal wake up time is about 7 or 7:30.


We love this little guy and are having so much fun with him in our lives. It is so much fun to watch him grow and change. He is figuring things out and changing so much.

A few other updates with us…we are both training to run the Wasatch Back (Ragnar) in June. This will be the third time we have run the race and we are excited about it. I am definitely nervous but I have slowly gotten back into running. I’m not a a great runner by any means and I am a major slow poke but it is a good goal to keep me exercising and it will be really fun. Luckily I have an easy leg to run, and as long as I can do it slowly and not feel like I’m going to die, then I am okay with it! We just got a jogging stroller and are going to try it out this weekend!

Dan is almost done with his MBA! We can’t believe that he will soon be completely done with school. He has been in school the entire time we have been engaged and married and I’m so proud of his hard work. He hates school but knows that it is important and he works full time and goes to school at night. What great guy! I honestly have a new respect for all you moms who have kids and your husbands are in medical, dental, etc school. Dan’s school is not super demanding and he is not gone a lot but I absolutely hate it and taking care of Owen all day and all night on the days that he is gone is rough. You guys are amazing to do it for so long!

We are super excited for summer and we already have a lot of vacations and fun things planned. We really want to take Owen swimming and I think he will love it because he is obsessed with the bath! We started our vegetable garden as well and I’m excited for another year of veggies and looking forward to implementing some of the things I learned from last year. We are happy and healthy and loving our wonderful blessed lives.


Nicole S. said...

So fun! I love it when you post! I love seeing the differences and similarities between our 2 little guys!

Can't wait for more updates!

Kaley and Dustin said...

I love him, he is so cute and so big oh my gosh! Reese is 5 months and weighs 13ish pounds ha! Can't wait to see you guys Sunday!

Ben and Becky said...

I absolutely love Owen's big smiles!!