Thursday, October 13, 2011

September to Remember


These are old pictures, but better late than never right?? Dan and I took a long weekend over Labor Day and went to Yellowstone. We were just there in July with Dan’s entire family but Dan wanted to do something with just us to celebrate his graduation! I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it, but he got his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration! He started his MBA a few weeks later so there wasn’t much of a celebration, but I’m so dang proud of him! He is incredible and I have watched him go from his first semester to finishing and now going on to his MBA. He is amazing and I’m lucky to have him!


We had a ton of fun together and the weather was awesome. We have so much fun together and he is my very best friend. I love going on vacations with him. It still amazes me how much he makes me laugh even after over 4 years of being together!

DSC01392         Looking back at the pictures, we saw a lot of waterfalls! Yellowstone is Dan’s favorite place (that and the beach). We were able to see tons of wolves while we were there! One day we just sat and watched and waited for a wolf pack to come into a valley and when the finally did, it was so worth the hours of waiting! We enjoyed the view and the weather was wonderful. Another day, we saw wolves in a different valley and we watched them eating a buffalo carcass! Seriously amazing. We got sweet matching wolf shirts to celebrate.

DSC01404DSC01393 DSC01405 Dan is a huge BYU fan (WHY?!?!) and I’m a huge Utah fan, so when football season comes around, our marriage can have some turmoil. One of the first weeks of the season, both games were on at the same time! Tragedy! So Dan had the great idea to bring our bedroom TV downstairs so we could watch both games at the same time! Loved it.


Dan and I ran a 10K race together in Layton a few weeks ago. I was slow as usual, but we had fun running together and we got some sweet shirts!

DSC01413 I also ran in the Dirty Dash with my gal pals from work. We had a blast and it was an intense race! It was basically a huge obstacle course through the mud. It was way harder and crazier than I could have expected! There were mud pits, huge wind blowers and everything else you could imagine.

IMG_0063  We even had to wade through the nasty marshes of on the shore of a lake for about 1/2 mile! I was so grossed out and may have dry heaved a few times. The smell was something I won’t forget. I was sure the swamp monster was trying to pull me under! But we laughed a lot and had tons of fun.


I work with Jennie (far right), Maryann (to the right of me), and Rolene (right in the middle of the first pic). They are so great and I have gotten so close to them over the past year! I love having good friends at work. We run together on our lunch break, go shopping, to lunch, and just vent when we need to! Some of their family members ran with us too.



These pictures have a water mark on them because I didn’t want to pay $18 to buy them! I don’t really look that dirty but I was! I wasn’t trying to stay clean at all, but I didn’t get much mud on my face. I was a little worried about my contacts with all my eye problems so I was careful not to get mud in my eyes. But I was still pretty filthy.


This was the final slip-n-slide at the finish line. I went down on my stomach most of the way but this picture was right at the end. It was such a blast!


                                           September was a great month for us. We are blessed.

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Price's Write said...

September was fun for you guys! I like the idea of the two tvs for both games, although it's a waste to watch BYU Danny!!!